Monday, January 30, 2006

Wow...I now believe the hype. Went boarding in Whistler on Saturday with NB & JB and I now understand why everyone in Van is talking Whistler this season. I was boarding through powder 1/2' to 3+' the entire time, it was nuts. For the last run of the day they took me to the peak and we came down through a bowl. Now normally I would have balked as I am still such a beginner but the snow was so forgiving. I spent a good part of the run rolling down but in that powder wipe outs are fun. The last run took us over an hour and I was so tired that I kept having to stop and rest. I think NB finally realized how tired I was when we were about a 150 m from the bottom and I had to stop one last time to catch my breath. Sooo glad I bought the edge card and I'm loving the new board.

Friday night I went to Eoin Finn's power yoga class. I really liked it, definitely going to go back. It was a painful reminder of how out of shape I am when I could barely do a 30 s plank.

Running yesterday I saw an eagle, just past Kits Beach. Also checked out the Kits Beach pool. I expect to be spending some serious time there in the summer.

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