Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Pete!

I'm going to pretend that this is from your birthday and not mine. Have a great time tonight, I will try and have a shot in your honour! (Apparently I have no eyes!)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Played my first game of floor hockey last night. It was so much fun, why haven't I played since grade school? The plastic blade is going to take some getting used to, as well as the 3 0n 3. I kept wanting to play wing and had to remind myself to use the full gym. I made one stunning pass from deep behind the net to feed one of our guys a sweet goal...almost made up for the horrible pass I made in front of our net that almost resulted in a goal against us.

The team looks to be a great bunch who always play hard then go out for a couple of well deserved beers. It turns out the captain works in my building and a few of them live in my hood. DS and his girlfriend A (don't know her last name yet) have been really great to me. I'm noticing that all of the Easterners are very welcoming to the newly transplanted and go out of their way to include me in any activities they plan. One guy is bringing me yoga passes to his girlfriend's yoga studio next week and A said she'd give me a call to hang out this weekend. I have to say I've been been very fortunate to hook up with so many great people out here. It has made the transition much easier.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

LA, this one's just for you!

That's right...first day wearing no socks!
It's sunny and warm and the blossoms are in full bloom.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lt. Dan pointed out a rather entertaining typo. I meant to say "Kick your Ass" in my last posting, not "Lick your Ass".

Just picked me up some shinguards for floor hockey tomorrow night. I love buying sports equipment!

Monday, March 27, 2006

I've been rather busy the last few days, so time for a short update.

I am happy to report that the big Kick-Off event I planned for Friday went quite well. We started the run under a dark sky that threatened rain. After a short run through light drizzle the sky cleared and we ran into the Vancouver Main Office in bright sunshine. Learned that while wheelchair athletes might slow down a bit going up big hills, they lick your ass going down.

I conquered Prospect Point during Sunday's long run in Stanley Park. I'm certainly not looking forward to that part of the half marathon. I'm considering stopping for a latte at the top during the run, I figure I might need the caffeine kick after the hill.

The first two sessions of my yoga course were this weekend. The class is primarily qualified yoga instructors and health/fitness professionals. I'm one of only a few who don't fit into the above description. The first thing I learned was that yoga isn't quite a simple as I first thought. Who knew there was so much to the simple downward and upward dogs. Hip alignment, ACIS and FUPP points which all need to be aligned. I also learned that I am stiff. Eoin talked a lot about the two different types of people. Those who are very flexible, I believe he called them the squishy people and then the stronger, tighter people who I think he referred to as stiff. Yup..that would be me...stiff. I had to demo a move and it was quite entertaining as he tried to get me into a position. Apparently I might not be textbook material.

Ohh and my couch came on Saturday. I love it. I love lying on it and sleeping on it and just looking at it. Now I just need to figure out the best way to arrange my little living room.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

BC Ferry Sinks...well, this dampens my excitement a wee bit over the upcoming trip to Tofino.
It is very rainy today!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

And now back to the here and now.

It's official, I have totally bought into the Vancouver yoga craze. I've registered for a course that teaches the correct alignment for yoga asanas. I figure if I am going to do the stuff I should learn to do it correctly and avoid any injuries, especially with my bum knees.

I had an experience today that really validates that I am in the right place, doing the right thing, right now. I recently encouraged someone to participate in an event that they initially thought themselves not capable of doing. It turns out that this encouragement has opened the door to a world of opportunities and new challenges of which they are enthusiastically pursuing. It just goes to show what great things can come from a little encouragement and support. Just something to think about as you head out into the world today.
An update on the 5Km run.

Going into the 5Km run this weekend I had some goals in mind. I had hoped to complete it in under 26 minutes which I thought was a very reasonable time goal considering I haven't been doing any speed work and focusing more on distance. I also made a deal with myself that if I could come in under 25 minutes (my personal best is in the 22 min range) then I could buy a new pair of lululemon pants.

Alas, there will be no lululemon pants for me. I came in at 26:40, much slower than I had anticipated. I could make excuses like I had logged over 40 KM in the 7 days prior or that the sun was too bright but really that's all they are...excuses.

Will reattempt the 5Km again once the marathon is done and see what I can with a little more focus on speed in my training.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

What I would do for a diet coke right now! I'm tired, my legs ache and I just want to lie down drink dc and eat chips. All of which I could do right now as the fridge here is full of dc and there are still tons of chips left over from yesterday's shower. And...I'm sure if I lay under my desk no one would notice.

NB and I ran about 15K last night. I've got a good thing going here on Wed nights. NB and I run, usually further and faster than I want (but that's a good thing really) then while I shower, NB or JB, if we are really lucky, starts dinner. It's like I have my own personal trainer and chef. (Just so you don't think I am a total princess here, I did finely dice two shallots yesterday for JB's bean dish. )

Tonight I am going to a book club, the book being Zadie Smith's On Beauty. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to hearing what the other clubbers have to say. There's also going to be wine and cheese. Not soo interested in the wine...just the cheese. If I ever host..I'm going to serve bacon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Its been a few days since I've posted any updates on my activities out here.

Snow was great at Whistler on Friday. NB & JB now have me doing double black diamonds. NB's response to my comment that it said "Experts Only" was that it didn't specify an expert in what. That was all I needed and off to the bowls I proceeded. There was only one run where I pulled out of the fun. It involved a very steep entrance into the bowl, you had to lower yourself down about a meter then had about a foot's width to ski down the side of the mountain for a good 10-12 feet to enter the bowl. I took off my board, proceeded to almost loose it over the edge and hiked back up and found a spot that was a little easier to enter the bowl. My boarding is definitely improving. The ski outs still kill the old calves but I'm getting faster and don't have to stop quite as much.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. A little running, lots of walking in the beautiful sunshine and some Bliss followed by brunch.

I've registered to run the St. Paddy's Day 5KM dash this Saturday. I'm hoping it will give me a good indication of how my running is improving with all the training I have been doing.

Tonight..I grocery shop and rest. With any luck I might be able to find an episode of Smallville to watch...mmmm Clark!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Taking the day off tomorrow to head up to Whistler for the day to do a little boarding. Conditions look great as they've had a big dump of snow over the last few days. We even had some snow here. Acck....what's with that?

It looks like I may have a few visitors over the next few months. MV emailed today and may come out next weekend or the one after. He's keen to head up to Whistler and do some boarding. AS & BG are also considering coming out to run the Vancouver Half Marathon. That will be great, I'm crossing my fingers. Diggs is going to be in town that weekend too so we've roped him into running too. I love visitors!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Scooper came over on Monday night to help me put up some shelves. Things were going great until the wall around one of the shelf mounts in the bathroom collapsed. Now I have a gaping hole in the middle of the wall. Guess its time for a little patch work and paint in the bathroom. I should have known things would turn even uglier when Scooper joked about watching out for the shelves in my bedroom when I was sleeping. Sure enough, last night one started to collapse. Ughhhh!

Went to a silent auction last night in support of Minerva Foundation. Two hair cuts, a massage, movie passes and a dinner gift certificate later I am broke but well prepped to discover the city. I am desperate for a haircut so I figured they were worth the investment. Somehow I also came home with a pound of coffee but I think I'm missing some Alfred Sung perfume which was bundled with one of the haircuts.

Had a good laugh reading LA's post over at Victims of Circumstance yesterday. Ahh that was a fun trip. Another classic moment was the cashier's comment when I paid the ticket, it was along the lines of "Come to Georgia on vacation, leave on probation!"

Monday, March 06, 2006

I know I'm still in the honeymoon phase but really, I can't imagine living anywhere else after just a month and a bit in Vancouver.

Friday night NB and I went for a good hour and a half walk to look for Cherry Blossoms. I've taken some pictures however the party camera just doesn't do them the justice they deserve. I'm particularly infatuated with the bright pink blossoms. The picture below is at the school house right around the corner from my place. The positioning of the trees against the red brick of the school is quite striking.

Saturday I went snowboarding in Whistler with Scooper and a few of his friends. The conditions were great and made even better when the sun broke through the clouds early afternoon. The picture below is of Scooper on a run which is great for both families and bears. That's what the sign says at least. I beg to differ, if its a good run for bears, it may not be so great for families. Speaking of bears, watched Grizzly Man on Friday night...twisted. Will write a comment on it when I have some more time to process the movie. We finished off boarding with beers out on the patio at Creekside and a little buzzed shopping by Scooper and I in the Ski-Can store. Good deals!

Spent most of Sunday trying to walk normally as the old calves were a wee bit sore from boarding. Got a quick trip into Granville Market for some fresh soups and my fruits & veggies. Finished the day off with a good run which really helped the calves loosen up.

It was a bonus that the Oscars were over at 8PM PT. I still had time for a bath and a little CSI before bedtime.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Off to Whistler tomorrow to do some snowboarding with Scooper. I figured it was time I invested in a helmet so I've just picked one up at Comor Sports, more about the helmet later.

Shopping for the helmet got me to thinking, about some of the contradictions I make when it comes to my personal safety. I would never, ever drive without my seatbelt and I always wear my helmet biking. But when it comes to paddling I hate to wear my lifejacket. I know I should and I do if the conditions are challenging but I hate to. Ang and I got taught a good lesson in the summer when we were up training in Bala one weekend. We thought that we were both strong enough swimmers and close enough at all times to shore that we could swim in if there was a problem but you just can't underestimate mother nature's strength. We encountered some really rough water going around an island and kept tipping. After a while we started to struggle with swimming through the rough water and collecting all of our lost gear and then righting the boat. We were never in danger of drowning but it certainly taught me that the conditions can turn on you and you might not be as safe as you initially thought. So..I'm going to really make an effort to wear my lifejacket going forward. Probably smart seeing as I'm in a whole new environment here and don't know what I'm in for.

Here's the helmet. Nothing special, kept with black so it goes with whatever outfit I'm wearing (kidding). All I need now is to replace my disco goggles but I'm in no hurry as I kind of like them :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Niki + Hills = Evil

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Woo hoo, I paddled outrigger last night. It was beautiful out and really cool to see all the lights on the ski hills at Grouse and Cypress as I paddled out to Second Beach. Nothing like jumping into an OC-2 for a 90 minute paddle when you haven't been on the water for about 5 months. I couldn't even make it through the Gilmore Girls last night I was so wiped out. Arms are a wee bit tired today, could barely raise them to wash the hair this morning.

It's a sad thing when one gets angry with their Jeopardy desk calendar about how an answer was stated. I seriously thought I was robbed of a correct response this morning. Today's answer was: "Not red or white, the platelets, the smallest of these cells in the body, are important in the process of clotting". Anyone care to venture a guess?