Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Scooper came over on Monday night to help me put up some shelves. Things were going great until the wall around one of the shelf mounts in the bathroom collapsed. Now I have a gaping hole in the middle of the wall. Guess its time for a little patch work and paint in the bathroom. I should have known things would turn even uglier when Scooper joked about watching out for the shelves in my bedroom when I was sleeping. Sure enough, last night one started to collapse. Ughhhh!

Went to a silent auction last night in support of Minerva Foundation. Two hair cuts, a massage, movie passes and a dinner gift certificate later I am broke but well prepped to discover the city. I am desperate for a haircut so I figured they were worth the investment. Somehow I also came home with a pound of coffee but I think I'm missing some Alfred Sung perfume which was bundled with one of the haircuts.

Had a good laugh reading LA's post over at Victims of Circumstance yesterday. Ahh that was a fun trip. Another classic moment was the cashier's comment when I paid the ticket, it was along the lines of "Come to Georgia on vacation, leave on probation!"

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Lynne said...

Ha ha! Oh yeah, weren't we going to get shirts made?