Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick somebody rub me...my luck continues.

On Saturday I was in North Van at a sports store picking up some snowshoeing stuff with friends when I saw a contest to win one of those fancy new water bottles that are all the rage right now. I entered joking around that who knows...perhaps my luck would continue. Well didn't I come home from work today to find a very entertaining message telling me to sit down because there was exciting news..I was the winner of a water bottle.

Too funny.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally...Sunshine. After weeks and weeks of rain today we finally had a full day of sunshine and blue skies.

Saturday morning we went snow shoeing at Seymour and did the Dog Mountain trail (7 km). It was a beautiful morning out on the trail with fresh powder. We were teased with the possibility of sunshine at the peak but our summit rewarded us with fog so thick you couldn't see a thing below. Upon our descent we made our way to Deep Cove for a delicious brunch at the Arms Reach Bistro.

At the same time that my snow shoeing adventure was waking place Trent was out on Great Bear Lake training for his race. To say conditions were a little different would be an understatement. While we had 10 people, a dog and brunch he was out alone with only walkie talkie contact to town in -30 temperatures. He's definitely going to deserve a little R&R when he comes for Easter after his race. Hopefully once he's recovered he'll be up for shoe shoeing in the mountains.

I'm off to Whistler on Friday morning for 4 days. It will be great to have a few days off after how busy its been at work the past few months. I'm bringing my snowshoes and hope to explore some new trails while the rest of the gang are tearing it up on the hills.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I finally finished Captain Corelli's Mandolin. It took a while for me to get into it but once I did I couldn't put it down. Next on my list was Not Wanted On The Voyage by Timothy Findley. This is one of the books Trent got me for Christmas. I think I am going to really like it as it is described as a historical romance that mixes fact and fiction, but I'm going to put it on hold for now and read As It Is In Heaven next. NB loaned it to me tonight and said I should read it now, over Valentines Day. I think I will save Trent's book for closer to when he comes comes to visit in March. By the way, he really enjoyed The Princess Bride, which was the book I searched high and low for. I can't wait to read it as it sounds even better than the movie...can that be?

I've started work on my second knitting project, a scarf for my father. My goal is to make a good go of it this weekend so I can get it in the mail to him before the end of the month. What I really want to be able to knit is mitts. I can't ever imagine that I will have my mother or grandmother's skills at knitting but I'll be happy if I can make a good pair of mitts and a toque.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

There was a lot in that last posting so I just wanted to add that while the Year of the Rat is supposed to bring me good fortune and good times I think I am already pretty lucky in both those things. I don't need to be told that.

45 days!
GUNG HEY FAT CHOI - Happy Year of the Rat!

As a rat I am told that good fortune and good times will surround me this year.

It's not even 12:00 PM and good fortune has already found me...twice in fact
  1. I received an email that I had won tickets to a preview showing of Definitely, Maybe coming out on Valentines Day
  2. I received a second email from GetOutThere magazine that I had won a wetsuit in a contest I entered online with them last month

Yes...I'm thinking it too. You should rub me (head out of the gutter please) for good luck.

Rats are water signs and it is said that they make a very good match for monkeys and dragons, but do not get along well with rabbits, horses and roosters. The brown earth influences of this year also make oxen a favored friend of the persevering rat but add conflict to the year as the elements of earth and water seek a balance - especially during the early part of the year.

The rat's stone, the deep red garnet, is the color of joyful celebration. It signifies the loyalty and passion of the most honorable traits of the sign that will rule the year ahead.

In China, it is said that there are few poor rats. It is considered very auspicious to be born in the year of the earth rat. Babies born under this sign are intelligent and hard working. They are intelligent, curious, sociable born leaders who do well in any group, but value ties with family and close friends more than social contacts. The earth influences balance the rat's water nature for those born in this year making them able to control the flights of intellect that often draw the rat away from a good course. The selfish and calculating aspects of the rat are toned by the nurturing earth force. These are leaders to be followed with trust and good partners for a life filled with good fortune. The rat is clever, sometimes too clever. When mixed with the passion and charm of this sign, the rat can be manipulative as a life partner (don't believe this Trent) or business associate. The ability to initiate new ideas and work hard to reach a goal led the rat to the first place of honor at the side of Buddha. These are traits that bring success in both business and personal affairs.

Since the rat year begins a new cycle, remember that decisions made during this year will carry long term consequences. Do not make changes without careful planning especially during the beginning of the year.

Rat : 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 The clever rat has made many ambitious plans that will be put into action this year. Good fortune and good times will surround the rat in this year of glory. Easy social grace is a gift of those born in this sign, but trusted close friends and family are the center that the rat needs to secure prosperity. Beware of the battle of earth and water that may confuse the scurrying rat. This beginning of the year will see the rat tempted by many flirtatious relationships. Faithfulness and loyalty are difficult with so many admiring glances. Understand the fear of those you care for as you seem to be drawn to many new relationships. Take steps to avoid damage to your true partners. As the year passes the successful rat will see more serious relationships bear fruit. Although the rat is a water sign, boat cruises are not a good vacation plan. Travel to exotic lands to explore,meet new people and experience adventure may be the perfect honeymoon. With the influence of the earth aspects of this year, promises of commitments become real and those born in this sign may experience the blessings of marriage and of children added to their family. The rat who cannot focus on success will be misled and find much conflict and many uncomfortable scenes caused by straying from a match that will bring good fortune. When prosperity and love come easily they may not be treated with respect. The rat who will succeed is the one who remembers that greed and manipulation may bring quick victories but ultimately strengthen enemies. The cat is ever watchful of the rat who stole its place. Listen to the guidance of ancestors, loved ones and trusted friends. Beware of the flattery of casual admiration to completely fulfill the promise of extreme good fortune that this year holds.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's Shrove Tuesday or what is better known today as Pancake Day. It also happens to be Vancouver Island Day. Happy Day Vancouver Island.

The Lenten Fasting begins tomorrow. To clarify for those of you knew to my life...the fasting has more to do with a post Christmas cleanse than religious purification..but hey, who can't use a little purification.

I've decided to up the ante this year as the usual sweets and DC was starting to get too easy. So, for 2008 I will be giving up the follow:
  • The usual sweets (baked goods, chocolate and candy)
  • Diet Coke (and all pop..not that I drink other pop)
  • French Fries and potato chips
  • All meat products (pork, chicken and beef)
  • The elevator in my building (except for when I have heavy loads like luggage)
I tried to persuade T-Bone to join me in abstaining from the meats but despite my asking her WWJD she still refused.

The best part about Lent 2008 is that not only does the fasting end Easter Sunday but Trent also arrives that day! Yeah

Sunday, February 03, 2008

While most people are glued to the tv this afternoon watching the SuperBowl I've just returned from seeing a production of Small Metal Objects as part of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. The performance took place in the Central Promenade of the Vancouver Public Library which was busy with Sunday afternoon traffic in and out of the library and the surrounding cafes. The audience were seated at one end of the space with headphones on listening to the mic'd actors who interacted with the general public in the space. The transformation of the public space into a stage (stole that from the program) was the best part. Some people were oblivious to what was going on while others tried to avoid or were confused while others like the homeless guy just played right into the scene.

Today I also saw the eagles...equally as exciting. When I went for my run this morning I sighted two eagles in the tree....there has only been one all winter! As I got closer I could see that one had something in its claws. Turns out he had a seagull and was carefully plucking it clean...it looked like it was snowing white feathers. Just so you know..I'm not the only eagle mad person out here, there was quite an audience gathered watching the dinner preparation.

Trent has just returned from a training run..apparently his finger tips feel like they are bleeding. Not good! If you haven't checked out his blog recently, you should. It's cold there!