Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Like a good captain I went down with the ship...more on that to come.

On Friday night we camped at Sasquatch Provincial Park which is just outside of Harrison Hot Springs. No sasquatch were sighted but we did see a deer. It was fun to do the whole car camping thing, even if just for one evening. We arrived in Harrison mid afternoon and after setting up our tent we headed out to the local golf course for some twilight golf. At $15 for 9 holes it was a whole lot of fun. I still maintain the 6 holes is where its at. I am sure more people would play if they made a few 6 hole courses.

I can no longer say I have never tipped/sunk in a dragonboat as our boat went down at the Harrison Dragonboat Festival on Saturday. After crossing the line and cheering our victory in the Division C Championship our boat was hit by backwash and combined with our cox having sharply just turned us into shore saw us go over before any one had a chance to react. And boy was it cold. Harrison Lake is glacial fed. Little did we know earlier in the day when we were loading the boat from the beach and commenting on ice cream headaches in our feet that later we would be swimming in it. After a brief scare we were all accounted for and we got our smaller ladies out of the water quickly while the rest of waited for what seemed forever for the rescue boat to come get us. The crew took home not only hardware but a good story to boot. Most impressive was that our missing flip flops were returned to us well after we were out of the water.

Sunday Trent and I both competed in the Kits Challenge. We were up at 5:00 am as we had volunteered to help out at the race. Didn't seem like a big deal when we agreed to it but after being at the dragonboat festival all day Saturday in the scorching heat and driving the two hours home we were whipped in the morning (see photo below taken at 5:45 AM. I switched from the 3K to the 1.5k and even with the shorter distance really struggled. With no energy to really push it I relied on my ability to swim can to can and not get off course. Between the second last to the last bouy I am not sure what happened because all of a sudden I was about 200m out from the bouy and had to swim directly back in. I'm blaming the currents/tide but perhaps there was some swimmer error in there too. Trent was waiting for me on the beach when I crossed the line having finished a few minutes before me. He too wasn't particularly happy as his shoulder was really hurting but all in all we still had a great day down at the beach. After stopping for brunch on the way home we both took well deserved naps for most of Sunday afternoon.

Another busy week. Tomorrow night it is fireworks after swim and then Thursday we are off to do the Grind with some friends. Friday morning my father arrives and then we are heading to Victoria for the weekend. We are going whale watching Saturday afternoon then going to annual lantern festival that evening. Sunday its back to the water with with Thetis Lake Challenge. No excuses this week...I'm hoping to come out of the water happy with how I swam.

Thank you to all who have sponsored me for the swim. Your generosity is much appreciated.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Trent is putting a more detailed account of our canoe trip on his blog should you be interested in reading more.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It seems like it has been go go go since Trent and I got back from our canoe trip in the NWT. Here's a quick summary of the trip and what we've been up to since.

Canoe Trip

The canoe trip was awesome. We covered some 200 km in two and a half days. Not exactly how we wanted to do it but we tried to wait out the ice and when we could wait no longer we set out by 4X4 to the river. And what an adventure that was. 400m's in we were stuck and our machine died requiring a rescue. Not a great start but things got better. The ice on the Great Bear River was spectacular. I have a whole new appreciation for icebergs and fast moving water. No bears were seen on the trip but we got a good howling at by a wolf pack our second night and on the third evening a lone wolf considered joining us for dinner. I'm going to try and get some pictures on flicker when I get some time.

The Dickinsons
We got back to Van on Sunday of the long weekend and after a quick swim we headed out to meet D&D for dinner before they headed back to TO. It was great to catch up and exchange stories from our respective adventures.

Canada Day
On Canada Day I swam my 2k race. I hoped that I was recovered from the trip but 600m in I really started to feel tired and my right shoulder started to scream (200 km in 2.5 days with no training = angry shoulders and traps). I finished the race but didn't have anything in me to follow my race plan which would have seen me build my speed through out the race and come in strong. I was lucky to make it in at all. I ended up being about 20 seconds slower than last year but considering how I was feeling I was ok with that.

Kid Rock & Matt Mays
Matt was opening for Kid Rock at his Vancouver show so he hooked us up with tickets. I'm not sure what I enjoyed most, Matt Mays and El Torpedo, Kid Rock or the people watching. Trent headed up to Whistler to catch MM & ET play a solo gig on the Tuesday while I stayed in Van as I had a previous commitment. It sounds like he had a lot of fun living the life of a roadie for an evening.

In between all of this we have been trying to retrofit the apartment to accommodate two people with a lot of gear. Thankfully Trent is very handy and has a passion for shelves. We've also been doing a lot of swimming.

Last Thursday at open water practice I didn't expect the lifeguards to let us go out as the water was super wavy. After the lifeguard ran us through the heightened safety rules and all swimmers were buddyed up we were allowed to go out and swim (if you would call it that) a shortened course. It was so FUN. The swells were massive and with everyone watching out for one another it made for a very social swim filled with lots of laughter and hollers.

Tuesday night we went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at Theatre Under the Stars. It was a beautiful evening and the show was a lot of fun. Sound system could use a little work though.

This weekend we are off to Harrison Hot Springs for a dragonboat festival. Two of the BMO teams will be racing there so Trent and I are going to coach. We are camping tomorrow night at Sasquatch Provincial Park. I can't wait. Sunday its the Kitsilano Challlenge. I'm planning to swim the 3K and Trent is doing the 1.5K.

I know there is more but this is all I can come up with for now.