Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm glad the weekend is finally here. Two days to rest and recuperate then its all marathon all week. NB and kick started the weekend with a nice run out to the Spanish Banks...wearing shorts! Woo hoo!

Tomorrow morning we are doing our run at the demonstration forest. It's supposed to be quite beautiful. Then TB and her little guy are coming over for brunch. The Hawkings family are in town on a little green card business. MH will also be joining us, for working across the street from one another we seem to have the hardest time getting together.

I'm still not so sure about this rowing thing. They sure have some weird calls and everything seems backwards.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I have a cold :(

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Things I learned this past week at the conference I was helping organize.
  1. That the Westin Heavenly beds really are heavenly
  2. I was the only person to prefer the cheese platter to the wine as my arrival gift from the hotel
  3. Branch Managers...they really know how to party
  4. That you can run a good 10 K only 4 hours of sleep
  5. Cute boys can get away with wearing cowboy hats
  6. Take me + downward dog and 200 people I don't know add in one smart ass blissologist and you get one rather embarrassed Sunfish.

A room with a the Westin Bayshore

Friday, April 21, 2006

Wow...what a busy week. The conference I am planning starts Sunday. I'm looking forward to getting things under way as we have been running around like mad the last week finalizing stuff. Just crazy timing with the marathon just over 2 weeks away. Thankfully the marathon office and the conference are at the same hotel so I can go back and forth.

Spoke with the Blissologist this afternoon to confirm details for the session I have planned for Sunday evening. He said it sounded like I could use some yoga..I responded yes...or a good drink!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Just dropped into the office to check email before heading out for a breakfast meeting. Had dinner last night at the Blue Water Cafe. Everything on the menu looked great but I finally decided on the Queen Charlotte Island was it good.

Also got to tour BC Place Stadium yesterday as park of a walk through for the marathon. You don't realize all that goes into running a venue like that until you get a chance to go behind the scenes.

Today I also get to go to the Vancouver Art Gallery for work. I'm going to get a behind the scenes look at the Brian Jungen exhibit which I had wanted to see but never found the time.

Rowing...had practice #2 last night. I liked it more last night but I think that was just because it wasn't raining and freezing cold. I also think I a saw the False Creek Ladies out...hey wait a second... I've just realized I will be able to see what they are up to so we have no surprises come race off time in August!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sometimes you have to wonder if vacations are really worth it when you have to work your butt off to catch up. Who am I kidding, of course they are worth it.

Thursday night I rowed for the first time. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed it. I found the program to be rather unorganized and not very rower friendly, and the cold wet weather didn't help. It definitely wasn't any Sunnyside! I'm hoping it will get better, RR tells me that he didn't exactly like it either to start.

Had a busy longweekend. Friday I spent most of the day organizing the apartment, something I really haven't had a chance to do yet. Cook books are now easily accessible in the cupboard over the stove rather than stacked in the back of a low one. Also went to see V is for Vendetta. I had no preconceptions other than the masks kind of scared me but despite my fear of all clown/doll like figures I really liked it. I might even go so far as to say I have a bit of a thing for V now, mask and all. Loved his taste in music.

Saturday morning we did 21 K. I'm feeling well prepared for my half marathon on May 7th. Saturday's route involved the Lion's Gate bridge and the Stanley Park Causeway which are definitely tougher than the Prospect Pt hill in the race. #4 came out and ran with a friend's boyfriend. He ended up doing about 25 as the boyfriend doubles as waterboy and twice came back to supply said friend with water and gel. Where do I get me one of those?

I was also lucky enough to be invited for 2 Easter dinners on the weekend. The first, Saturday night at Susie and Chiho's was bbq'd oysters and salmon with fabulous wine parings...delish! #'s 3 &4 also gave me a beautiful aboriginal print for my new pad. It was a great evening but somewhat bittersweet as I knew they were returning to TO the following day. Sunday I went to JM & GV's for dinner, friends from BMO in TO who I paddled with for many years. GV did a great roast on his new BBQ and JM's cake for dessert was as huge hit.

Now its back to reality. Really busy with the branch managers conference I am helping organize starting this Sunday and its full tilt with the marathon prep.

Half marathon in Tofino June 11th if anyone is interested.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Where to start?

The trip to Tofino was great. NB, JB and I headed out early Sunday morning and caught the 8:30 Ferry to Nanaimo. On route we stopped at Cathedral Grove to check out the beautiful old forest growth. The trees really were spectacular. We arrived in Ucluelet around 1:30 and decided to hike the Wild Pacific Trail first thing. It was beautiful but I not quite as wild as the lady at the tourist office made it out to be. Next we jumped back into the truck and made the trek into Tofino. After the Big Daddy Special of fried oysters, halibut, shrimp and salmon we headed to Storm to book some surf lessons. We got hooked up for some lessons the following day with the Pacific Surf School. We headed back to Ucluelet around 6:30 PM and checked into the lovely Horizons West B&B. We got the cabin which had two bedrooms a small kitchen and comfy living room area with a wood burning stove. All the rooms come with a stunning view of the Pacific. After a light dinner and a quick game of scrabble we called it a night. Brother & Sister owners Rich and Jenn didn't disappoint with a yummy breakfast of fresh fruit & yogurt, fresh oatmeal muffins and waffles.

We met up with Kita (KADA!!!!!!!!!!) our Aussie surf instructor at Storm at 10:30 Monday morning. After getting all our gear (wetsuits, gloves, booties and boards) we headed out to Chesterman Beach for our lesson. Just getting the wetsuit on was a workout. After some basic instruction on the beach we hit the surf. Our 3 hour lesson was great with Kita giving us some pointers for the first hour and then joining us as we moved out to catch some bigger waves. We were joined in the surf by a local seal who kept popping up out in the deep as we waited for waves. We even ran into Aquaman out in the waves who turned out to be #4! We said goodbye to Kita after the 3 hours were up and caught waves until NB & #3 came back from their walk on the beach. After drying off the 5 of us headed to the restaurant at the Long Beach Resort, a recommendation from Rich (the first of many great recommendations from him). The view from the restaurant was spectacular and we all munched away on delicious pizzas and crab cakes. Next we decided to try and find Mussel Beach, remote spot that Jenn from the B&B had only discovered the day before. After a very Deliverance like drive (which included having to leave one car behind due to the rough road conditions and cryptic signs about what was approaching) we finally made it to Mussel Beach. It was worth the drive to see a number of grew whales feeding very close to shore on herring eggs. In keeping with the Deliverance theme we were approached by a young guy with a mohawk and barking dog and informed that we were on private property. I managed to negotiate half an hour of whale watching and were out of there in 25 minutes not wanting to over stay our welcome. It was a good thing as the sun was starting to go down and none of us wanted to know what goes on at the Renegade Lounge after dark.

Tuesday morning JB, #4 and I headed out early to catch some waves before meeting up with NB & #3 to go whale watching and to the Hot Springs. Howie didn't disappoint. We found several pods of grey whales, visited some sea otters and sea lions basking in the sun on route to the hotsprings. I even picked myself up a cute little english fellow.

After the boat tour we decided to follow up on another one of Rich's recommendations, the Wikkaninnish Interpretive Centre. We arrived just in time to catch the sunset and imbided in some yummy hot chocolates with special whipped cream. I highly recommend this diamond in the rough. Again...Rich was spot on! Tuesday night we were all bagged from the long day outside that it was another early night. We awoke Wednesday to overcast conditions with light rain off and on. NB & #3 headed off for hotstone massages but I couldn't pass up a last chance to surf. We ran into Kita at Chesterman's Beach and decided to head up to the South Beach with him where the waves were said to be much better that morning. With a storm heading in land we got some great waves for our final day or surfing. Reluctantly we finally dragged our wave beaten bodies ashore and headed back into town to meet the girls. After returning the rented equipment we headed out to Sobo for our last meal. It was awesome. The Killer Fish Taco's are just that...killer. Unfortunately I may never be able to return thanks to JB and his gift to me. Finally it was time for NB, JB and I to head out. We left #'s 3&4 who were staying one more night before heading to Victoria for their last day on the Island.

The Big Yellow Banana and I are now counting the days until we can go back.

Surfs Up!
Tofino Rocks!

No time right now for a proper update, but here's a little something to hold you over. J-Rock and J- Money getting ready to hit the waves!

Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm off to Tofino on Sunday for a few days of R&R with the NB & JB and #'s 3 & 4. It's shaping up to be a good time with plans to take in some spa treatments, do some surfing and hopefully see some whales on route to the hot springs.

Sunday night NB, JB and I are staying at Horizons West a B&B in Ucluelet. We have rented a wee 2 bedroom cabin that is part of their property and still comes with the breakfast, which I have heard is fabulous.

Tuesday and Wednesday we meet up with 3 & 4 and are staying at the Tauca Lea Resort.

JB and I are thinking about taking a surf lesson. JB's not so sure about taking one at Surf Sister so we might check out Inner rhythm surf school. Wet suits will be mandatory as the water temperature is around 7C this time of year. You can check out the current conditions at

I'm back on Thursday.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I would kill for a dc right now! Sigh
I've been meaning to post this picture for days now.

It appears that some one has taken the liberty of adding a bit more detail to a sign painted on a wall in my back alley.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Spent the day yesterday hanging out with #3 who is in town for 2 whole weeks visiting her sister and new niece. After a delicious brunch of pancakes and french toast at Zen Cafe, #3 and I worked off the calories by a little shopping on 4th Avenue. I'm still trying to justify the Lululemon pants but that didn't stop me from picking up some cute jersey 3/4 length pants from American Apparel.

Last night I joined NB, JB and their friend D at Vig's for dinner. Wow! Was it ever great. I understand now why people are willing to line up 2 1/2 hours on Saturday nights to get in. Highly recommend it to anyone visiting Vancouver. Unfortunately the menu online does not reflect what we had last night but the big winners at our table were the lamb popsicles and the chicken with coriander... The sauces were so great we all kept saying we wished we had spoons so we could finish every last drop. Vig's could easily turn me into a gourmand (add that to the list of good words we discussed last night).

And finally, its been a while since I have had any entertaining stories about the life of Jenn so here's a good one from the weekend. During my yoga course on Saturday I could have sworn that the instructor at one point said "Imagine that there are little ferrets pulling your muscles up". It look me a minute to realize that he had actually said fairies. The mix up was quite a hit with the class who laughed with me (not at me...I swear) when I spoke out through laughter saying "Ohhh I thought you said ferrets". To add to that, at the end of class I struggled to contain my giggles during corpse pose as I kept imagining killer ferrets pulling at my lats. I'll be surprised if ferrets don't come up at class tonight.