Monday, April 17, 2006

Sometimes you have to wonder if vacations are really worth it when you have to work your butt off to catch up. Who am I kidding, of course they are worth it.

Thursday night I rowed for the first time. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed it. I found the program to be rather unorganized and not very rower friendly, and the cold wet weather didn't help. It definitely wasn't any Sunnyside! I'm hoping it will get better, RR tells me that he didn't exactly like it either to start.

Had a busy longweekend. Friday I spent most of the day organizing the apartment, something I really haven't had a chance to do yet. Cook books are now easily accessible in the cupboard over the stove rather than stacked in the back of a low one. Also went to see V is for Vendetta. I had no preconceptions other than the masks kind of scared me but despite my fear of all clown/doll like figures I really liked it. I might even go so far as to say I have a bit of a thing for V now, mask and all. Loved his taste in music.

Saturday morning we did 21 K. I'm feeling well prepared for my half marathon on May 7th. Saturday's route involved the Lion's Gate bridge and the Stanley Park Causeway which are definitely tougher than the Prospect Pt hill in the race. #4 came out and ran with a friend's boyfriend. He ended up doing about 25 as the boyfriend doubles as waterboy and twice came back to supply said friend with water and gel. Where do I get me one of those?

I was also lucky enough to be invited for 2 Easter dinners on the weekend. The first, Saturday night at Susie and Chiho's was bbq'd oysters and salmon with fabulous wine parings...delish! #'s 3 &4 also gave me a beautiful aboriginal print for my new pad. It was a great evening but somewhat bittersweet as I knew they were returning to TO the following day. Sunday I went to JM & GV's for dinner, friends from BMO in TO who I paddled with for many years. GV did a great roast on his new BBQ and JM's cake for dessert was as huge hit.

Now its back to reality. Really busy with the branch managers conference I am helping organize starting this Sunday and its full tilt with the marathon prep.

Half marathon in Tofino June 11th if anyone is interested.

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