Monday, February 08, 2010

How has it been a full week since my last post?  We'll I guess I did get a new job in the last week...just in time as the College gig finished up the Thursday before. The new job is great, I'm working for the Deline First Nation in the band office.  I'm reviewing all of the gov't sponsored programs and making sure everything is in order.  I can work as many or as little hours as I want and work in the office or from home.  I should be there until the end of March and then we'll see what happens.  I worked full days last week but decided to work only mornings this week as I have some work to do for a course I am taking and I know next week will be a crazy one as Deline is hosting the 1st Annual Men's Handgames Tournament.  Its going to be 4 days of chaos...looking forward to it as I miss all of my event management stuff.  But back to the running.

Runs last week were good.  Getting better at watching the pace on the watch, though I find everytime I look at it my pace drops...just like they used to say in DB....don't look to see where you are, you will always ease up.  I'm doing a better job of keeping my pace consistent but I'm still running a off pace.  Time will help with that I am sure.

It appears that I am becoming rather well known around town for my running now.  People keep stopping me and asking if I am the person running in the mornings/evenings.  Trent even gets updates from people that they saw his wife out running...its quite amusing.  I had one elder today who saw me approaching him who started to jog a bit laughing as he approached me saying 'its good exercise eh?'.  Loved it.

Saturday we had a 9k run to do.  Trent had to organize the recycling depot and I was volunteering at Minor Hockey bingo so we headed out at about 8:30 am.  It was a great morning to be out.  Crisp and quiet and only a little head wind on our final stretch back into town.  The legs felt really heavy, I suspect from my being out of alignment from hockey on Thursday night.

Since I was off this afternoon I decided to head out for my run after lunch.  It was just 5K so I decided to head out on the ice road for a couple of km.  I figured if anything happened to me I would still be close enough for someone in town to notice me or drive by.  The sun was shining and the temperature a nice -16C with no wind.  It was really lovely.  Passed an elder out checking his nets on the way out but other than that it was pretty quiet.  The road was great, nice and smooth and for the most part I could find a snow packed line to follow.  I even took my mitts off for a few km and unzipped my jacket.  Can't complain about winter running on a day like today.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Getting ready to go play badminton.  I don't really like the game, though I am not sure if its because I am no good at it or because it bores me.  Either way, I am going to go.  Its good to mix things up and its social.  I don't do a lot of sports/exercises that involve lateral  movement so I'll chalk it up to some good cross training or just cross training...I doubt it will be good.
Back to running outside today.  At -20C with no windchill it actually felt balmy...I'm not kidding. The roads here are gravel and come winter they are hard packed snow/ice which can make for some slippery conditions.  Thankfully my Yaktrax, bought last Christmas when Vancouver got dumped with snow, have kept me on my feet.   I'm also loving our new Garmin Forerunner 310XT....a little surprise gift I got Trent for Christmas.  Its actually coming in really handy for me as I can track my distance and pace and then upload it to my computer.  

Legs are a little sore.  I tried a new yoga tape yesterday afternoon and all I can say is Patricia Moreno really kicked my butt...actually my legs.  I swear it was 30 minutes of legs and only legs.  That said, I am looking forward to doing it again, but maybe tomorrow.  I'll stick with my Rodney for today.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm six runs into training.  I've manged 5 of them outside but yesterday I just couldn't do it.  The Environment Canada website said it was -36C with the windchill but I swear it was colder.  I've done -36C and yes its cold but yesterday I too much.  Within minutes...maybe even seconds, I had ice cream headaches in my eyeballs. Yes I said eyeballs.  Now I know I will normally start to warm up a few minutes in but I couldn't do it...not 9km with that wind.  Thankfully the Jacobs were kind enough to let me use their treadmill so slogged away on that for 74 minutes.  Not sure what the distance was as I had a few technical difficulties but I know I'm not going very fast these days (cold/multiple layers of clothing/out of shape) so I figured I would just run for about 70 minutes. I'm feeling a little muscle stiffness today but nothing too bad.  Unfortunately my pelvis issue is starting to rear its ugly little head so there will be lots of stretching to try and get things aligned again.  No chiro of physio up here so I am on my own.

The husband has just risen from the dead so that's all for now.

Stay warm.

Hello Blog

Yes, I know it has been a while.  But I am back.  At least I think I am. 

For now, you are going to serve as my training dairy for my preparation for the half marathon I am running in May.  I'm sure once we get reacquainted that I will share more but that's what I am committing to at 9:30 am on Sunday January 31st, 2010.