Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So where was I?

Oh yes...I left off in Edmonton. 

Saturday morning we rose early and were at the airport just after 6:00 am.  We wanted to be there when the check in opened as we had a total of 7 bags to check between us.  I garnered a few laughs when I declared I had a lot of cheese at the security check in for the cooler. I think cheese might be able to solve all of the world's problems, it, like bacon, can unite people who on the surface look like they might not have anything in common.  Two hours later we are in the air.  A short stop over in Yellowknife and we are on route to Norman Wells. 

We arrive in Norman Wells (the Wells going  forward) around 11:30 am.  We don't see anyone from the school board there and it doesn't look like there are many other new teachers hanging around either.  Minutes later our friend Curtis walks in.  Surprised to see us he says I thought you were coming in tomorrow with all of the other teachers.  Hmmm.  Trent sees one of the board guys outside and goes to talk to him...yup, we weren't expected until Sunday.  Not sure why they booked our tickets for Saturday then but there we are.  We get a lift, with our 7 bags plus carry on to the hotel where we discover they too weren't expecting us until the next day.  Even better...they weren't expecting me at all. 

At this point, all of my excitement for the new adventure has been replaced with an overwhelming feeling of "what the heck have I got myself into?" Jim, the manager of the hotel, says to leave things in his hands and he'll sort them out while we go grab some lunch.  I'm feeling a little better and really, its not like I would be without a roof over my head.  It would just mean sharing a room with someone else or crashing on Curtis' couch if all else failed.  We head out for lunch and I order some comfort food, grilled cheese, fries and a DC.  They don't have DC, only diet pepsi (that's right,  I won't even  capitalize it).  Trent looks worried and Curtis is sure that I am planning to head back to the airport for the 3 pm flight to Edmonton.  I order an orange crush and try and put on a brave face. 

Over lunch Curtis updates us on all that's been happened while Trent was gone this past year.  He also gives me the lowdown on a few job opportunties I had heard about.  Sounds like I should have no problem finding something, at least part-time or contract, he just suggests that I really consider them all before commiting to anything.  Good advise...I'll keep that in mind.

We return to the hotel and Jim has worked his magic.  Trent and I now have a room to ourselves. I am so happy I tell Jim I could hug him.  He says he would prefer I didn't and I say that its ok,  I don't really like to hug strangers, I just wanted him to know how grateful I was.  We check in, have a nap and a DC which Trent has picked up for me from the store.  I  feel much better when we go to meet Curtis for dinner. AFter dinner we headed over to Curtis' place where he shows us his paper mache project.  He's making a paper mache image of his boss who is on vacation.  Plan is to fill it with condoms/lube etc (he works in social/health services) and turn it into a pinata for when his boss gets back.  I fill a few hours while the boys play video games meticulously gluing on strips of paper (we're using shredded paper). 

That's all for today...need to clean myself up for lunch then an afternoon of paper macheing.
Just took this test which I found on Dan's blog. So knew I wasn't a capitalist.

You are a

Social Liberal
(63% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(18% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Monday, August 24, 2009

The journey thus far.

I'm a little late starting the blog back up but the journey so far hasn't allowed for a lot of computer time.

We left Vancouver the afternoon of Friday August 14th. I worked right up until 1pm that day, headed home for my move out inspection, returned our hardware to Shaw, hit MEC then we were on the road. It was busy. Crossing the Lions Gate Bridge I allowed myself a few tears as I thought about all the good times I had had in Vancouver and how much I would miss my great friends and the beautiful mountains and ocean.

We arrived in Kelowna at our friend Sharon's place around 10 pm to be greeted by Jennifer and Sharon and hot from the oven peach and blueberry crumble. Just what I needed. Saturday we wandered around the local farmers market resisting the tempation to buy fresh produce but managed to come home with a beautiful wood block cutting board and some great spice rubs. That afternoon/evening we hung out a the pool at Sharon's condo, bbq'd and hot tubbed with the boys. Sunday morning we had a fabulous brunch made by Sharon then strolled along the waterfront of Lake Okanagan...what a beautiful spot. Everyone was trying to put off the inevitable but eventually, after ice cream that is, we returned and packed up our stuff as it was about time we hit the road. After tearful goodbyes we were back on the road headed to Revelstoke. Again I cried, but this time it was more of a sob as we drove off and left my friends for the time being.

The drive to Revelstoke was beautiful. It doesn't take long for the dry landscape of Kelowna to be replace by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We arrived in Revelstoke at about 7pm, grabbed some dinner and went to check into the local campsite. Unfortunately there were no sites available. As it was getting dark we decided to try our local at the best hotel in town but unfortunately again, there was no room at the inn. After driving by hotel after motel after motel with their no vacancy sign flashing we finally found a room at the Gateway Inn..the place we had laughed at coming in and said thank god we weren't staying there. All said...it wasn't that bad, then it again it wasn't that great.

Monday morning we hit the road with Lake Louise as our destination. We decided to push straight for there and not make many stops so that we could arrive at the camp ground as early as possible in order to improve our chances of getting a camp site. The drive was absolutely beautiful. Every Canadian should have to make this journey at least once in their life so that they can truly appreciate what a beautiful country we live in. We arrived at the camp ground in Lake Louise just before 3 pm and scored ourselves a great site, G2. We set up camp then went out to explore. We drove up to the actual lake and decided we would return early in the morning to make the hike up to one of the tea huts when it was less busy. We picked up some supplies from town then returned to cook our dinner of weiners as Trent likes to call them and cup of soup. Yum! After dinner we headed over to the camp ground theatre to attend a presentation on Grizzley Bears. It was both informative and entertaining with a little something for everyone. After a cup of tea and marshmallows by the fire we climbed into our tent and relaxed into our new super delux sleeping pads! It felt like sleeping on a waterbed compared to our old basic foam pads. Luxury!

We woke early the next morning, had a breakfast of toast and instant oatmeal, packed up the campsite then headed back up to Lake Louise. The 3.8 km climb up to the tea house seemed to take forever but I think much of that had to do with our recent lack of exercise and our repeated stops to ohh and ahh over the views. We arrived at the tea house to find a packed patio covered with both people and chipmunks running amouk. Trent and I found a spot on the patio and shared a pot of mint green tea and a couple of scones with jam. We even had a few little furry visitors come and try and steal our food. It was a perfect morning. Our goal Tuesday was to make it to Calgary to visit with my brother David and then if it worked out stop in to visit Trent's cousins Chris and Amy. We had a great dinner with David at a local ribs place then stopped in to see Chris and Amy before hitting the road to get us close to Calgary. We stopped for the night just outside of Red Deer. PLEASE NOTE...if you are ever tired at night driving and looking for a place to stop, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT stop at any place called Gasoline Alley. We thought we would be safe with a Howard Johnsons and I guess I am alive to tell the tail so we were safe but it just wasn't the type of place I would recommend to anyone else. I don't even like thinking about it. It was clean (at least topically) but just creepy and noisy and horrormoviey.

We pulled into Edmonton around noon on Wednesday. Hit a few stores and picked up a few outstanding items before heading up to Fort Saskatchewan to stay with Trent's Uncle Mike and Dwyane. As usual they treated us like royalty and wouldn't let us lift a finger. I was so happy to fall into bed Wed night..I actually slept past 9 am Thursday morning, a record for me. Made up for the lack of sleep the night before.

Thursday we did more errands then painstakenly tried to do the right thing in terms of getting my car prepared for being stored over the winter in Edmonton. Let me say this...insurance companies do not make it easy for you to do the right thing.

Friday morning Trent and cleaned the car to a shining finish and took a load of our luggage and dropped it at the hotel before hitting the West Edmonton Mall. Our destination...the waterpark. We had a ball, acting like a couple of 12 year olds running from slide to slide. I'm not sure when I lost all my courage but I was more than a little terrified of a few of the slides and couldn't convince myself to go down the biggest one...the one that went straight down. Trent will have to update you on some of the other slides...lets just say I didn't put on a brave face for a few of them.

And that gets us to Friday evening. After an amazing steak dinner and filling our cooler and bags with all kinds if goodies from Michael and Dwayne (seasonings, rice, italian bread crumbs, toothbrushes and paste) Michael drove us to the hotel at the airport where we would spend the night before our departure Sunday morning.

I'll leave it there for now. I've got some paper machiering to do.

Monday, June 01, 2009

So it's official. Trent and I are moving back up to Deline in the NWT at the end of August.

I gave my official notice of resignation on Friday so it all seems very real now. We've got lots of planning, purging and packing to do over the next few months. I am sure its going to fly by what with the wedding and all.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Am very excited by the bridesmaid dresses chosen for Tat's wedding. I love them...how often can you say that about a bridesmaid dress?

Did I mention its less than two months now until our wedding? Tonight we are off to register at the Bay...for the third time. I'm not leaving until we have at least one thing on the registry...its harder than I imagined. Things we are interested in include; an espresso maker, bamboo sheets, and some cookware. In all truth we don't need or want for much but everyone keeps telling us that we are going to get gifts whether we like it or not so we better select some things. Its a struggle though. There are some higher priced items like a good camera (SLR) we'd love but we don't want to put too many big items, just a few for group gifts.

I'm also trying to figure out charities as another alternative. That is hard too because there are just so many good causes that important to us. In the running right now are:
  1. Canadian Cancer Foundation (breast/brain/mouth/pancreatic)
  2. Autism Society
  3. David Suzuki Foundation
  4. The KidSafe Project Society
  5. Right to Play

Monday, May 11, 2009

Two months today is our big day!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Today is one of those days when I couldn't imagine living any where else than Vancouver. The sun is shining, we just ran 15k in the mountains/valley and there is a buzz in the city over tonight's Canuck game.

Ohh yes, and tonight we are off to the Joel Plaskett and friends concert with a bunch of friends.