Saturday, March 29, 2008

For those of you on the East Coast and in TO you've already had your Earth Hour. We're about 36 minutes away from it here on the West Coast. Trent and I are planning to turn off the lights, tv & laptops and eat left over thai over a candle lit game of scrabble.

I appreciated the Globe's list of 60 things to do during the particular #22 as I just finished watching the Leafs beat the Habs (sorry Dan).
Trent and I have just returned from 3 days on the Sunshine Coast. We had rain, we had sun and we even had some good hail but that was okay as the plans were to do a lot of nothing. We stopped at Molly's Reach, made famous on the Beachcombers, for lunch upon arriving on the sunshine coast. After some fish and chips we were on our way up the coast.

We stayed at the Rockwater Secret Cove Resort in one of their Tent House Suites. It was sweet! Each tent is equiped with a king size bed, heated tile floors, propane fireplaces, stone shower, jacuzzi tubs and views of the beautiful cove below. It truly was a magical escape. Trent made a little video of the suite which will do a far better job at showing your our tent house suite.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Found a picture of Trent. He's #106..the guy who looks like he is wearing red shorts. I'm guessing this was in his first leg...the 10K.
The Rock and Ice Ultra starts in a short 35 minutes. I spoke to the boys earlier and they sounded excited and ready to finally get going after months of training. Temperatures are in the -20 to -30 C range which is perfect for them. Any warmer and they would have to start taking off the layers they have grown used to training in and any colder frost bite becomes a bigger concern.

Shaun will be running the first leg (~10km) and Trent will take the second leg (~6km) . Shaun will follow with his long leg of about ~24km and Trent will finish it up with with the final 30km. I'm off somewhere in my calculations but its something like that. They are thinking its going to take them somewhere around 8-9 hours...all depends on the conditions and what kind of pace they can maintain.

You can check for live up dates on Sleep Monsters. They already have some pre-race coverage posted from the last few days.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Three updates for you from the world of bacon.
  1. Kitsilano's thickest bacon ...just up the street from us
  2. Bacon ice cream yes, you read it right
  3. Bacon Comedy

Trent and I have planned out our meals for Sunday. It all starts with a Kits Coffee cinnamon bun when I pick him up at the airport. From there we are heading to Go Fish for fish & chips and dc. Dinner will be our traditional first dinner of a Tropical Pig pizza from the Flying Wedge, though we may change it up and go out for pizza at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

Yes..I know its sad that I have planned our meals already but its been a long time since Trent has had the chance to eat out and its been a long time since I have had french fries or dc.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ohh and I am ready for lent to be over.

What I'd do for a plate of french fries and a dc right now. On the bright side I have definitely lost some of the winter weight.

Did I mention Trent arrives Easter Sunday? I'm really looking forward to that too (ok..maybe even more than the fries and dc).

Trent's big race is next Saturday. You can look for updates on Team Delfaxouverville on the Rock and Ice Ultra site. They are racing in the Cold Foot Classic, a 75km, one day event.
Yesterday I ran in the local St. Paddy's Day 5K. It was a lot of fun..well other than the run part. I had set some loft goals for myself time wise. I wanted to run under 26 minutes and was aiming to break 25, which I knew was rather ambitious considering I have only been back running for the past 6 weeks or so and I've had trouble getting out more than twice a week with my current schedule. I also had two side bets going; one that I would beat a friend's husband (I didn't) and the second that I would be slower than a guy I know who leads a marathon training group with the Running Room (I wasn't).

I came in at a reasonable 25:41. Slower than I had hoped and behind GV but still with in my goal time range. My first KM and mile were right on track but when we left the seawall and started up the long low incline I was faced with the reality that I really haven't been putting in the time/distance to race. I was knackered. My legs felt great but the cardio just wasn't there to push any harder.

We've been doing track work out for the past three weeks and I've been running pretty quick in my 1000m repeats for me. Each week lowering my time considerably from the week before. The problem has been its been taking me quite some time to recover from these runs. I've been doing some reading and I think I have been running too fast. I need to slow down (who ever thought that I would need to do that) in order to improve.

Tomorrow I start my masters swim class, two mornings a week. I'm looking forward to it as I really need the structure of a swim club to push me to swim fast. I've been swimming about 3 times a week for a good six weeks now so I should at least have the base needed to start pushing myself in the water.

Trent arrives a week today! Yeah!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I was a little early for a meeting this afternoon so I decided to wander around Indigo for a bit. I shouldn't do that. I can never leave without buying a new book.

Today's purchase was a good one and I think some of you will really like it; the ATHLETE'S GUIDE TO YOGA It clearly, with photos and descriptions, explains all of the poses and what you should be feeling. That's the most important part to me...sometimes I'm not sure if I am doing a pose correctly and to be able to pinpoint where I should be feeling it will be so beneficial.

My yoga session ends at the end of March so I am hoping that I can use this book to fill the gap and start taking my practice out onto the rooftop on sunny days.
The average home price in the Lower Mainland is $912,000.00

I don't think we will be buying anytime soon.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oh the joys of swimming before work.

When I got to work and went to change out of the old t-shirt I wore walking in I discovered that my wet towel caused the ink on some on some papers to run and stain the white sweater I had planned to wear today. The one day I didn't pack my work clothes in a plastic bag this happens.

I am now sporting my very old and worn blue long sleeved t-shirt with slacks and cute little flats. Its quite a look.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Last week when we were in Whistler we went to the tube park. I seemed to be the only one who thought it was a little dangerous. I kept thinking what happens if you fall off and hit your head...they didn't give you any safety equipment and the runs were really icy and fast. Well...I spoke to my sister today and they've just returned from a family vacation from hell. I will skip all the minor events that led up to the trip finisher but let me just say I didn't think things could get worse. So, remember I mentioned how I thought the tube park was dangerous. Point on.

While on vacation skiing in Northern Michigan Ben took the kids to the tube park and decided to take a run down himself. Somehow his tube left the track, jumped over the next one right out of the park and landed him down on a patch of ice. He managed to get the kids and get back to their hotel on a broken foot and with severe cuts to his face. While in the bathroom cleaning up he starting screaming for Caron to go get their friend Alan (Ben and Alan are both Doctors). I will leave the gory details out but let's just say he broke a bone around his eye cavity which lead to a rather frightening displacement of his eye when he blew his nose.

No more tube parks for me.
I've finally got myself back on track exercising.

Tuesday night we began track work outs for running. I definitely have a love hate relationship with them. Each lap of the track I just kept envisioning the pounds falling away and that gave me the motivation to keep going. I think the workouts are going to be fun, we have a good group of all different levels and a beautiful track to run on. JS/ you remember those killer hill/speed work outs we used to do with the blazing August sun. I don't miss them!

I've also got myself back in the if I could just read the workouts and stop swimming extra distance. Yesterday I doubled one element off the workout and ended up doing 400 m of kick. I barely made it up the stairs from the pool after my workout. I'm registering this week for the masters swim program at the local YWCA. It will be two mornings a week and should quickly whip me back into swimming shape.

Floor hockey ends in two weeks. We are heading into the playoffs tied for first place. It's been an interesting season with fun plastic stick floor hockey turning into a very competitive and sometimes volatile game. I joke about rumbles after the games but sometimes I'm not sure how far off that is from the truth. Apparently the crazy confrontational girl's husband had to step in between her and a guy she picked a fight with last week (the week before she took a swing at a guy on our team). Can't wait to face them in the finals!
Friday night I went to opening night of How it Works the latest production from Touchstone Theatre. The play is about Al, a divorced father, his teenage daughter who is battling a drug addiction and how the women he begins dating changes all of their lives. I loved the play and how each of the 4 characters came to life through out the duration of the performance. The best part was that the play was set in Halifax and featured lots of contemporary Canadian music. Recommend it to everyone if it comes to your town.
Last weekend I was up in Whistler for 4 days. We lucked out with the weather as it was sunny and warm the entire time. I wasn't in the mood to snowboard so I got myself two good snowshoes in.

Saturday I did a nice 3 hour tour through Lost Lake Park out to the Green Lake lookout. It was beautiful and really quiet. That's me enjoying a cup of tea when I stopped for a little break to enjoy the view.

Sunday we went to the Spa and spent much of the afternoon enjoying the outdoor hot tubs at the Fairmont Whistler. Sunday night we rounded up the whole gang and went to the Tube Park. was so much fun. I seemed to have the perfect build for speed as each time I overshot the end of the run and hot the back wall..not even the guys managed to do that every time!

On Monday I headed home but stopped at the new Olympic Nordic Centre in the Callaghan Valley. I arrived just in time to watch the Canadian National Team training at the ski jumping. What a sight! I got to see about 10 jumps which included one good wipe out. How does one decide they want to get into a sport like that? Right now they only have one snowshoe trail marked at Callaghan. It wasn't very long but it was beautiful. They have a second longer trail cut but it hasn't been marked yet so I didn't want to venture out there alone.