Sunday, March 02, 2008

Last weekend I was up in Whistler for 4 days. We lucked out with the weather as it was sunny and warm the entire time. I wasn't in the mood to snowboard so I got myself two good snowshoes in.

Saturday I did a nice 3 hour tour through Lost Lake Park out to the Green Lake lookout. It was beautiful and really quiet. That's me enjoying a cup of tea when I stopped for a little break to enjoy the view.

Sunday we went to the Spa and spent much of the afternoon enjoying the outdoor hot tubs at the Fairmont Whistler. Sunday night we rounded up the whole gang and went to the Tube Park. was so much fun. I seemed to have the perfect build for speed as each time I overshot the end of the run and hot the back wall..not even the guys managed to do that every time!

On Monday I headed home but stopped at the new Olympic Nordic Centre in the Callaghan Valley. I arrived just in time to watch the Canadian National Team training at the ski jumping. What a sight! I got to see about 10 jumps which included one good wipe out. How does one decide they want to get into a sport like that? Right now they only have one snowshoe trail marked at Callaghan. It wasn't very long but it was beautiful. They have a second longer trail cut but it hasn't been marked yet so I didn't want to venture out there alone.

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