Monday, July 31, 2006

Have been feeling a little off these last few days so I decided to pick myself up some chicken noodle soup from Granville Island after work today. It was good but it was no Mamma's Big Bowl of Soup good.

Afterwards I got myself all prepped to start work on painting the white sections of the bistro set only to discover it was I had picked up black...opps. So it was back to CT to pick up some white, thankfully its only about 500m away. I managed to complete one coat on about 75% of the set before it started to get dark (read..I got bored). I'm certainly not as wowed with the white as I was with the yoyo, but I am sure the final result will be great.

Tonight I also managed to convert all my music from my ipod to my new laptop. This is quite an accomplishment as I did it without having to call Lt. Dan for help:)
Just got off the phone with my insurance company. I will not be happy if ICBC does not cover my $500 deductable for the repairs to my truck from the idiot who clipped me Friday evening.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Lt. Dan.

You say it's your birthday (lies I tell'd never tell anyone it was your bday)
It's my birthday too, yeah ( it's not)
They say it's your birthday (who are "they" exactly?)
We're gonna have a good time (I'm having a good time painting here)
I'm glad it's your birthday (tru nuf)
Happy birthday to you (Have a great day)

And for you....

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not to toot my own horn too loudly but I have to say my bistro set is starting to look pretty darn good. The blue couldn't have turned out better. Every time I look out at my balcony and catch a glimpse of the colour it just makes me happy.

I've just picked up some tickets to the Amy Millan (of Stars) show on Sept 20th. Love having Zulu Records at the top of the street.

Tonight, its off to the KYC to catch China's fireworks. Apparently the reflections on the water are not be missed.We've a little BBQ action planned and I'm bring everything we need to make banana boats for dessert!

Happy Birthday #2
Hope you have a great time out on the town tonight
I have awoken this morning to some much cooler temperatures which quite excites me. I have been meaning to paint my bistro set for ages and finally last night I went and bought the paint. Now I don't have to feel guilty about hanging out at home painting today...though I do say this would be the perfect temperature to do the Grind. Hopefully the cooler temps will hang around for a few days. But back to the bistro set. I've chosen this fabulous colour called yoyo from the Debbie Travis collection. It's really going to jump out at you and will compliment my muskoka chair quite nicely I think.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Woo Hoo! I am finally online at home!

Good time, Good times!
(that's for you JB..makes me laugh every time I say it)
It was back to the Grind again last night. I still haven't cracked an hour but its getting better..marginally. I think I made some headway last night. I noticed that my pace can get really slow and that I don't feel that much worse if I keep the pace up on the more flat parts that don't require grappling over rock. I also noticed that a lot of the people that passed me seem very light on their feet...definitely not an attribute that I possess as some times I get shin splits just from walking. Need to work on that.

I forgot to mention. Last week when we had our team orientation for the BMO Bank of Montreal Grouse Grind Mountain run. It turns out that the guy who lead it knows AH (Boog's wife)...he's a rep for Asics too. He'd just been in Hawaii with them in May. Small world.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The fireworks were spectacular last night particularly the displays that appeared to just hang in the sky. The roof top patio of my building was the place to be, affording an incredible view and the convenience of not having to battle the crowds at the beach. Someone had even set up a small stereo to tune into the radio broadcast. I'm still trying to figure out how "I'm your lady" ties into Italy theme.
Thank you Lt. Dan for letting me know that Zanta has a website. I'm not sure what is more disturbing, that he has a website or that he claims to be 58?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The excitement has been building for weeks and finally, tonight is the tonight. Like a right of passage to being a true Vancouverite tonight I must join every other person in this fair town and make my way to the beach to watch the HSBC Celkebration of Light fireworks tonight. And if the short walk to the beach doesn't appeal to me then I can simply watch from the roof top patio which will afford me a spectacular view and the convenience of being steps from my fridge :)

Ahh LOV (living on new mantra)
I'm working on updating my reading list. If you have any good recommendations, fiction or otherwise I would defintely love to hear from you.

Recent reads that I would recommend:
The Namesake - Jhumpa Lahiri
The Rotters Club - Jonathan Coe
Night - Elie Wiesel

Reviews of the unknowns will follow soon hopefully.
One package I do not want to receive in the mail.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

As I've been here 6 months now I figured it was time to find myself a family doctor. Asking around I was shocked to find out that a lot of people don't have regular family doctors. Now I don't know if its because of my family medical history but finding a good doctor and establishing a relationship is really important to me. After not having much luck finding a doctor willing to accept new patients or located anywhere near me I finally broke down this morning and went to the Stein Medical Clinic across the street from work. The poor doctor didn't know what he was in for. When he told me he wouldn't do my exam and that I needed to come back and see a female doctor (its walk in only) it almost set me off in tears. He turned out to be really kind and gave me the name of a good local doctor (though he didn't think she was accepting patients but I could use his name) and some advice on where to look for a doctor. So the quest continues.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The craziest thing just happened. My friend Melissa just called me and while that doesn't sound too crazy consider this. We normally only talk every couple of months or so since my moving and her going on maternity leave. Just this morning I thought to myself in the shower...I need to call Melissa as I thought she would get a good hoot over a story t-bone recently told me about myself. She got such a good laugh I could even hear her little guy start laughing in the background at his mummy!
I wrote a great posting this morning only to have blogger cramp up and shut down on me. Will attempt to recreate but I think the moment is gone.

The short feeling of nausea came back with a vengenance on Thursday night. Explains the dismal performance on the Grouse Grind. Got hit with alternating chills and sweats and a general lethargy that saw me struggling to get from my couch to bed without taking a rest over the 15 feet.

Sunday I had a great beach day with NB. We set ourselves up half way between Kits Pool & the Pro volleyball tournament taking place right in front of Watermark. After a few hours of lounging around reading/chatting we wandered over to the Wharf for some fish & chips and tacos at Go Fish. Shared a table with a lovely couple who gave us reviews on all of the great restaurants in Van. On our walk back we stopped to visit the eagles as I had heard rumours that the baby has been seen learning to fly recently. We got to see him but despite all of my encouragement he just didn't seem too interested in leaving his perch. (Don't worry #2...I didn't pacaw pacaw at him...that's reserved for you)

Later that evening I wandered back down to the pool and put in a few laps. I think its time to start turning up the swim workouts as I'm getting bored and can do the 1.5K+ without any real rest. One thing I spoke about in the original post was the water quality yesterday at Kits pool. Typically it is crystal clear and I can see a good 20 meters a head of me. Well yesterday it was anything but clear, I could barely see a few feet ahead. With a capacity of 1800 people and near record temps in Van this past weekend I can only imagine what is lurking in that water. Thoughts of this didn't help when I swallowed a big mouthful. I almost vomited right then and there and even now thinking of it makes me feel a little queasy!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Very odd. I just had a spell of about 30 minutes where I felt really nauseous to the point where I got a plastic bag out in case I actually did vomit and couldn't make it to the bathroom. It seems to have passed which is good as I have cupcakes to pick up, a team lunch and my Grouse Grind orientation today.

Got news today that the Imps might be making a trip out here Labour Day weekend for a race. Good times...Good times! Will mean passing up on some surfing but I think they're worth it!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I forgot to mention. I finally broke down and picked up a new cell phone so no more missed calls, lost voicemails or better yet endless minutes where my calls are just sitting in space.

The whole experience of purchasing a phone really is rather unpleasant. I can't help but feel like the cellular companies are all out to rip me off and that you can't trust any of the sales people. You need to pay extra for any sort of warranty these days and it seems almost impossible to buy a phone with out all the bells & whistles they want to upsell you on. No I don't need a camera or an mp3 player built into my phone...I need a phone...and yes I want to get a signal anywhere I go! Ughhh. I certainly didn't leave with a good feeling.
The little big man and I had a great time last night. We went for a super long walk along the beach, getting back just before Mummy & Daddy came back to pick him up. The only time the little monkey fussed was when I stopped walking so it was a good thing we were out for over an hour and a half. Here's BV checking out the open water swimmers at Kits Beach. Auntie Jenny really needs to get her butt in gear and get out there and give it a try sometime.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I could really use another day on the weekend to recover from all of the activities.

After a short nap Friday afternoon NB & I met for a quick run followed by a little BBQ action. There was a laughs over the Slayer concert 4 of us had attended the night before. Apparently we all took separate cabs home about 10 mins apart. A little crazy as we all live within about 4 blocks of one another.

Sat morning I had my first paddle with the Pacific Reach crew. It was a solid 90 mins out to the bell buoy and back and I think I held my own. I think the club will be a good fit as they are competitive but also seem to be alot of fun. I also like that they are part of the KYC so its right near by and that's where JB & Neil keep their boat.

Met up with NB & JB (the B's) right after at the club, grabbed a quick bite to eat and then it was off to do the Grouse Grind. Strangely as we were walking through the parking lot we ran in to GV who was meeting RR. I knocked 8 mins off of my time (from over a month earlier) and think I can easily drop a few more minutes the next time I do it. I was still rather pooped from the lack of sleep Thurs night and the paddle earlier that morning.

Sunday morning TB came and met me and we joined the B's at the pool for a swim. My arms & shoulders felt like lead from all the paddling the day before but it was good to get a few laps in. With the gorgeous weather the pool was packed by 10:30 AM so it was a good thing we got there right at opening. We then headed over to Juliets for a little brunch where they serve the best fresh squeezed OJ! After a little shopping on 4th NB & I headed back down to KYC where the boys were alternating between working on the Shauniki and taking out Sully's laser. I finally got my laser initation from Sully and got to take a quick sail up to Jericho and back. As Birdy would say...Lovin it!

Living on vacation is great!

In other news, I swore the weather report said yesterday that it was going to be 37 next weekend and everyone told me I must have had it wrong. I saw it again this morning on the weather channel but then when I check the Weather Network online it only says 27..typo?

I get to babysit Ben tonight. I can't wait!

Friday, July 14, 2006

I learned last evening that if you are going to see Slayer and the Unholy Alliance Tour and are over 16, then there is no better place than in a box. Got my hands on a few extra tickets at the last minute so I made some dreams come true when I hooked Neil, Sully and Darcy up. Apparently Neil has been a fan since '86! Who knew?

Went to meet DS and MB at the Commodore Ballroom after the show. DS worked his magic and got myself and the 3 boys in, but by the time we got up there MB was MIA. We then moved on to Doolen's and The Cellar where a there was a great band playing covers of all the Brit-pop you could dream of. I finally had to pull the cord at around 1:45 AM. Got to love it when you can be home and in bed (with the teeth brushed, face washed and having said good night to the girls) in about 15 minutes and an $8 cab ride with tip!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Well I survived the first practice with Finding BMO last night, though barely. It was very different to BMO, the Crewsers or even G&G practices to say the least. Found myself in a bit of a sensitive situation when asked by the "coach" what I thought of practice. Talked my way out of it by just saying it was very different and that I would adjust what with the East vs. West styles being so very different. Key differences were that they have a very quick stroke with no ratio difference between the pull through and the recovery and they exit at the knee. What do you mean you exit at the knee? I still have about 3 feet of my stroke left. I felt like a hamster running in its wheel...just trying to keep up when each stroke felt like I was pulling through drying cement.

Tonight it's the Slayer concert and then possibly meeting Dave S and Mike B (for all the Brendaner's out there..our student council president) for a drink even though I am still off the booze.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm back in Van now and really, I needed to come home for a rest.

It was great to see everyone when I was home, just felt like I barely had time to sit down and relax as I was all over the place. Thanks to all who came out to the Foggy Dew on Friday night. Ughhh...why do I drink? I think I should get a tattoo on my drinking hand that flashes " have no tolerance for alcohol, let alone shooters". I think I can safely say I am off the booze for quite some time. A special thanks to T-bone for her supporting role and then #3 and SP for getting me home.

I got to start off my return with a great yoga class at the Showboat and then a visit with little Ben as we celebrated his first month birthday! Mmmm babies smell so good.

Played a little volleyball with Scooper last night. Who knew you were allowed to kick the ball nowadays? I'm not sure I actually helped the team out much but I sure did provide comedic relief with some of my wild bumps and then cringes as I drilled people on other courts. Apparently screaming madly doesn't convey things quite like "Fore" does in golf.

Tonight, my first DB practice with Find BMO. Should be interesting.

And soon...I will be able to update from home when the new laptop arrives in a few short weeks! Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Time sure does fly. I've been back in TO for a week now and I'm not sure where the time has gone.

Paddled Thursday morning with the ladies. It was great to be back on the water with them. I also forgot how beautiful it is to be out on the lake in the morning watching the Toronto skyline become lit up with the sun rising behind it.

Thursday evening I hooked up with the boys at the Fairport Aquatic Club for some outrigger. Got to see my girl Charlotte while I was out there too. Thursday night JB and I walked up to the Dog for dinner and somehow managed to close the place down several pints and many shooters later.

It took 4 hours to get to Bala Friday afternoon but it was worth every second sitting in traffic once we were sitting on the dock chillin with MV. Saturday flew by what with a slow start and some lazing on the dock. The G&G gang came by and picked me up for a short boat ride and some planning for my trip back out in August. After a great dinner Saturday night the arm wrestling began as Susan need to practice for her big charity competition. Good times, good times. At about 11PM I finally managed to get the ladies out the door for the short jaunt over to the G&G compound for a little visit. The walk which should have taken about 10 minutes max seemed to take forever and I earned myself the moniker "the drill sargent" for my constant plees of 'keeping walking' and 'no, no more photos just walk'. We hung out there for about an hour playing games (some crazy pool game and fooze ball). The walk home took even longer as at this point there was a lot of zig zagging. My role as drill sargent became more evident as I kept watch for cars on the dark road and herded the girls aside each time I saw a vehicle approaching. Sunday started late and I felt like we had to head home before the day even started.

I've been in MI since Monday and last night took the 4th of July fireworks in at the Grosse Ile Yacht Club. They were quite spectacular. Today its party planning for Hannah's 7th bday party which is tomorrow afternoon. I will be manning the cupcake station tomorrow as everyone will get to decorate their own. I can't wait.

Friday its back to TO for a little dragonboat practice and then a night out with friends before heading home to Vancouver Sunday. Time sure flies!