Monday, July 17, 2006

I could really use another day on the weekend to recover from all of the activities.

After a short nap Friday afternoon NB & I met for a quick run followed by a little BBQ action. There was a laughs over the Slayer concert 4 of us had attended the night before. Apparently we all took separate cabs home about 10 mins apart. A little crazy as we all live within about 4 blocks of one another.

Sat morning I had my first paddle with the Pacific Reach crew. It was a solid 90 mins out to the bell buoy and back and I think I held my own. I think the club will be a good fit as they are competitive but also seem to be alot of fun. I also like that they are part of the KYC so its right near by and that's where JB & Neil keep their boat.

Met up with NB & JB (the B's) right after at the club, grabbed a quick bite to eat and then it was off to do the Grouse Grind. Strangely as we were walking through the parking lot we ran in to GV who was meeting RR. I knocked 8 mins off of my time (from over a month earlier) and think I can easily drop a few more minutes the next time I do it. I was still rather pooped from the lack of sleep Thurs night and the paddle earlier that morning.

Sunday morning TB came and met me and we joined the B's at the pool for a swim. My arms & shoulders felt like lead from all the paddling the day before but it was good to get a few laps in. With the gorgeous weather the pool was packed by 10:30 AM so it was a good thing we got there right at opening. We then headed over to Juliets for a little brunch where they serve the best fresh squeezed OJ! After a little shopping on 4th NB & I headed back down to KYC where the boys were alternating between working on the Shauniki and taking out Sully's laser. I finally got my laser initation from Sully and got to take a quick sail up to Jericho and back. As Birdy would say...Lovin it!

Living on vacation is great!

In other news, I swore the weather report said yesterday that it was going to be 37 next weekend and everyone told me I must have had it wrong. I saw it again this morning on the weather channel but then when I check the Weather Network online it only says 27..typo?

I get to babysit Ben tonight. I can't wait!

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