Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two years to the day that I moved into my apartment my name has finally been added to the buzzer list. So...I wonder how long will it take for Trent's name be added.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's beautiful and sunny out so this will be short as I want to get out and run some errands before the rain/snow mix they have been calling for the last 48 hours arrives.

Yesterday morning I went snowshoeing up on Cypress Mountain. It was a clear morning and the views of the city below were much so we all forgot to take out our cameras. After zig zagging through the forest up to the Upper Warming Hut we made our way back down to the Hollyburn Lodge for hot chocolate. Inspired by Trent, I went to the Yeti website yesterday to check out some of the local snowshoe races...definitely intrigued but I think it might have to wait until next winter as I haven't had much time to train and races are starting right away.

Speaking of training, I have new motivation to get back into the pool. I've signed up for a swimathon on May 10th in Victoria. This will be a great way to kick start my open water swimming season. I don't know all the details about the swimathon yet but I think I am going to aim for swimming an hour rather than a certain number of laps. Its hard to keep track of all of those laps when training and I think at the swimathon they have someone do that for you.

Okay...I can not ignore the sunny skies any longer...its been dreary for so long that I have to get out there and take advantage of it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thanks to Dan for pointing me to this site with what could be a new break through in deliciousness...bacon chocolate chip cookies with maple cinnamon glaze. Ohh I can't wait until the weekend to give the recipe a try.

I wonder how they mail?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Wow, what a week. I watched more figure skating in the last 7 days then I have in all 35 years of my life. I laughed, I cried and I cried some more. I think I can say that I finally get figure skating. It took a long time and and it took meeting some extraordinary people for me to come to this understanding and to appreciate the artistic element of the sport. To do what they do all with grace and style truly is impressive.

I worked a lot of hours and had to put on my game face day after day regardless of how tired and cranky I was but it was all worth it. This opportunity I had to experience some of the best skating we have seen in years and to meet some of the greatest skaters of the past, present and future would have been something my mother would have just loved. She would have been thrilled to hear all about my meeting Brian Orser and Victor & Shae Lynn. So while I enjoyed the week of skating for all of the fun and excitement of the competition I will treasure the experience for my mother and all the joy it would have brought her.

This is a colleague and I with Patrick Chan at the Skaters After Party the night of (or should I say morning after) his big win. He was a total sweet heart and just so excited by his success that day.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wow...has it really been a week since my last posting? I'm finally home with an a few hours off before heading out to my final Figure Skating event. Going to take this chance to nap as it was a late night last night (2:00 AM) and early morning today.

Dare I say it? I have become a fan of figure skating. It's true and I will explain but right now my couch beacons me for nap.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ummm...I think I might be a tom boy. I just had a look around the apartment and from my bedroom door I can see our paddle bag, my skates and hockey stick, my floor hockey shin pads and my snow shoes. This also suggests to me that we need more storage space in this apartment as most corners are filled with sports equipment and books.

This morning I ventured up to Mt Seymour to do a little snowshoeing. It was pouring rain as I left Van and I worried that it was going to be ugly at the top; but as I made my way slowly up the mountain the rain turned to snow. While it wasn't sunny at the top it was still a beautiful warm day with fresh snow making the trails spectacular. When I was deep in the woods I kept hearing these loud bangs which at first I thought were avalanches being set off (we've had a record season out here for avalanches). I quickly realized that it was actually snow falling off of the trees. The warm temperatures coupled with the wind was causing huge packs of snow to fall. It was quite spectacular to watch and hear, though I must admit, from that point on I saved my rest stops for clearings in the trees.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I was very sad to just read in the Globe that Sir Edmund Hillary has died at 88.

If you haven't had the opportunity to do so; I would recommend you read his autobiography, View from the Summit. It's a great read and reveals how there was so much more to him than simply being the first man to conquer Everest.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jenn & Trent + MEC (or other outdoor store) = trouble.

We both love gear...its not good.
Trent and I went to see Juno tonight. I really liked it and can understand why Ellen Page is generating so much hype these days. It was a cute movie with some great lines in it. Definitely going to check out the soundtrack as anything with CatPower is good in my books.

Juno - Can't we just like kick this old school. You know, like I stick the baby in a basket, send it your way, like Moses and the reeds?
Mark Loring - Technically that would be Old Testament.

I read the following horoscope for Trent and I Wednesday as we relaxed in our comfy first class seats on our way back to Van. Strange that it was relevant but thankfully nothing went drastically wrong as predicted. Things actually went very smoothly for us...even better than smooth considering we got to ride first class.

Libra - Keep things simple over the next 24 hours, especially if you are on the move or meeting people away from your home base. With Mars and Pluto opposing one another across the travel axis of your chart the more complicated your arrangements the more likely it is something will go drastically wrong.

Friday, January 04, 2008

We are finally back in Vancouver. Despite snow storms following us across the country we managed to make it to and from all of our destinations with out too many delays. We even managed to fly Executive Class home on the Montreal to Vancouver leg. To top it all off we went to the Canucks game last night and got to watch them trounce the Rangers from some sweet seats (thank you GV).

Highlights of the trip
  1. Meeting Trent in TO after almost 4 months since we last saw one another
  2. Meeting Sydney - she is even cuter in person.
  3. Spending 5 hours on the train sitting in front of drunk, loud guy who was on repeat
  4. Learning of Trent's visa issues at the US border and walking the yellow line
  5. Meeting Snickers the guinea pig
  6. Making Christmas cookies
  7. Seeing Alex and Hannah eyes wide running for the presents Christmas morning
  8. Guitar Hero
  9. Getting some quick visits in with friends in TO
  10. Getting picked up by Sinead and Liam (and Mike) in Halifax
  11. Turkey dinner! Yum
  12. Getting locked out of the house for 5+ hours and then getting kicked out of the mall when it closed
  13. New Year's Eve with Trent's friends
  14. Learning that Christian reads my blog regularly (Hi Christian..will try and update a little more frequently for you)
  15. Jumping in Lake Banook New Years morning
  16. Open House New Years Day at Trent's mum's and finally getting to taste one her infamous cinnamon rolls (delicious)
  17. Getting back to Vancouver in one day when many others weren't so fortunate
  18. Sleeping in my own bed again