Friday, January 04, 2008

We are finally back in Vancouver. Despite snow storms following us across the country we managed to make it to and from all of our destinations with out too many delays. We even managed to fly Executive Class home on the Montreal to Vancouver leg. To top it all off we went to the Canucks game last night and got to watch them trounce the Rangers from some sweet seats (thank you GV).

Highlights of the trip
  1. Meeting Trent in TO after almost 4 months since we last saw one another
  2. Meeting Sydney - she is even cuter in person.
  3. Spending 5 hours on the train sitting in front of drunk, loud guy who was on repeat
  4. Learning of Trent's visa issues at the US border and walking the yellow line
  5. Meeting Snickers the guinea pig
  6. Making Christmas cookies
  7. Seeing Alex and Hannah eyes wide running for the presents Christmas morning
  8. Guitar Hero
  9. Getting some quick visits in with friends in TO
  10. Getting picked up by Sinead and Liam (and Mike) in Halifax
  11. Turkey dinner! Yum
  12. Getting locked out of the house for 5+ hours and then getting kicked out of the mall when it closed
  13. New Year's Eve with Trent's friends
  14. Learning that Christian reads my blog regularly (Hi Christian..will try and update a little more frequently for you)
  15. Jumping in Lake Banook New Years morning
  16. Open House New Years Day at Trent's mum's and finally getting to taste one her infamous cinnamon rolls (delicious)
  17. Getting back to Vancouver in one day when many others weren't so fortunate
  18. Sleeping in my own bed again

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