Monday, July 31, 2006

Have been feeling a little off these last few days so I decided to pick myself up some chicken noodle soup from Granville Island after work today. It was good but it was no Mamma's Big Bowl of Soup good.

Afterwards I got myself all prepped to start work on painting the white sections of the bistro set only to discover it was I had picked up black...opps. So it was back to CT to pick up some white, thankfully its only about 500m away. I managed to complete one coat on about 75% of the set before it started to get dark (read..I got bored). I'm certainly not as wowed with the white as I was with the yoyo, but I am sure the final result will be great.

Tonight I also managed to convert all my music from my ipod to my new laptop. This is quite an accomplishment as I did it without having to call Lt. Dan for help:)

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