Monday, July 24, 2006

I wrote a great posting this morning only to have blogger cramp up and shut down on me. Will attempt to recreate but I think the moment is gone.

The short feeling of nausea came back with a vengenance on Thursday night. Explains the dismal performance on the Grouse Grind. Got hit with alternating chills and sweats and a general lethargy that saw me struggling to get from my couch to bed without taking a rest over the 15 feet.

Sunday I had a great beach day with NB. We set ourselves up half way between Kits Pool & the Pro volleyball tournament taking place right in front of Watermark. After a few hours of lounging around reading/chatting we wandered over to the Wharf for some fish & chips and tacos at Go Fish. Shared a table with a lovely couple who gave us reviews on all of the great restaurants in Van. On our walk back we stopped to visit the eagles as I had heard rumours that the baby has been seen learning to fly recently. We got to see him but despite all of my encouragement he just didn't seem too interested in leaving his perch. (Don't worry #2...I didn't pacaw pacaw at him...that's reserved for you)

Later that evening I wandered back down to the pool and put in a few laps. I think its time to start turning up the swim workouts as I'm getting bored and can do the 1.5K+ without any real rest. One thing I spoke about in the original post was the water quality yesterday at Kits pool. Typically it is crystal clear and I can see a good 20 meters a head of me. Well yesterday it was anything but clear, I could barely see a few feet ahead. With a capacity of 1800 people and near record temps in Van this past weekend I can only imagine what is lurking in that water. Thoughts of this didn't help when I swallowed a big mouthful. I almost vomited right then and there and even now thinking of it makes me feel a little queasy!

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#2 said...

Can you imagine you did pacaw and up he soared? How exciting would that have been?