Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Time sure does fly. I've been back in TO for a week now and I'm not sure where the time has gone.

Paddled Thursday morning with the ladies. It was great to be back on the water with them. I also forgot how beautiful it is to be out on the lake in the morning watching the Toronto skyline become lit up with the sun rising behind it.

Thursday evening I hooked up with the boys at the Fairport Aquatic Club for some outrigger. Got to see my girl Charlotte while I was out there too. Thursday night JB and I walked up to the Dog for dinner and somehow managed to close the place down several pints and many shooters later.

It took 4 hours to get to Bala Friday afternoon but it was worth every second sitting in traffic once we were sitting on the dock chillin with MV. Saturday flew by what with a slow start and some lazing on the dock. The G&G gang came by and picked me up for a short boat ride and some planning for my trip back out in August. After a great dinner Saturday night the arm wrestling began as Susan need to practice for her big charity competition. Good times, good times. At about 11PM I finally managed to get the ladies out the door for the short jaunt over to the G&G compound for a little visit. The walk which should have taken about 10 minutes max seemed to take forever and I earned myself the moniker "the drill sargent" for my constant plees of 'keeping walking' and 'no, no more photos just walk'. We hung out there for about an hour playing games (some crazy pool game and fooze ball). The walk home took even longer as at this point there was a lot of zig zagging. My role as drill sargent became more evident as I kept watch for cars on the dark road and herded the girls aside each time I saw a vehicle approaching. Sunday started late and I felt like we had to head home before the day even started.

I've been in MI since Monday and last night took the 4th of July fireworks in at the Grosse Ile Yacht Club. They were quite spectacular. Today its party planning for Hannah's 7th bday party which is tomorrow afternoon. I will be manning the cupcake station tomorrow as everyone will get to decorate their own. I can't wait.

Friday its back to TO for a little dragonboat practice and then a night out with friends before heading home to Vancouver Sunday. Time sure flies!

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