Thursday, June 29, 2006

Its good to be home. In just over 24 hours I have already been able to catch up with some of my favourite people. Got to spend a little time with CH Tuesday night after she picked me up at the airport. Wednesday I lunched with t-bone and Ltd. Dan which was all too short but felt like just like I was meeting them for lunch when I used to work just down the street. After a brief nap Wednesday afternoon I headed over to meet #'s 3 & 4 for dinner. Got all the DB gossip from the season thus far and then we fell into our usual DB planning. Ahh the master plans :) #3, we really need to get back to our world domination plans. Stayed at 3 & 4's last night as we had DB practice this morning...I think I actually miss the 5:45 AM practices. There were a lot of new faces in the boat but I was glad to see that it still felt good. I expected to struggle as we were doing 5 X 500 M but I think all of the running and swimming has got me into pretty good shape. was so great to see you all!

Off to spend the next day and a bit with my Dad. Hoping the rain/thunderstorms hold off so I can get some good backyard/pool time before heading to the cottage tomorrow afternoon. Sounds like there will be a good crowd over at the G&G cottage on the weekend so hopefully I will get to spend some time with all of those guys too. Hydrotard anyone?

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