Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not to toot my own horn too loudly but I have to say my bistro set is starting to look pretty darn good. The blue couldn't have turned out better. Every time I look out at my balcony and catch a glimpse of the colour it just makes me happy.

I've just picked up some tickets to the Amy Millan (of Stars) show on Sept 20th. Love having Zulu Records at the top of the street.

Tonight, its off to the KYC to catch China's fireworks. Apparently the reflections on the water are not be missed.We've a little BBQ action planned and I'm bring everything we need to make banana boats for dessert!

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Lt. Dan said...

Amy Millan? Well done! I don't know if you've listened to Honey From The Tombs yet, but you should.