Sunday, March 02, 2008

Last week when we were in Whistler we went to the tube park. I seemed to be the only one who thought it was a little dangerous. I kept thinking what happens if you fall off and hit your head...they didn't give you any safety equipment and the runs were really icy and fast. Well...I spoke to my sister today and they've just returned from a family vacation from hell. I will skip all the minor events that led up to the trip finisher but let me just say I didn't think things could get worse. So, remember I mentioned how I thought the tube park was dangerous. Point on.

While on vacation skiing in Northern Michigan Ben took the kids to the tube park and decided to take a run down himself. Somehow his tube left the track, jumped over the next one right out of the park and landed him down on a patch of ice. He managed to get the kids and get back to their hotel on a broken foot and with severe cuts to his face. While in the bathroom cleaning up he starting screaming for Caron to go get their friend Alan (Ben and Alan are both Doctors). I will leave the gory details out but let's just say he broke a bone around his eye cavity which lead to a rather frightening displacement of his eye when he blew his nose.

No more tube parks for me.

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