Sunday, March 02, 2008

I've finally got myself back on track exercising.

Tuesday night we began track work outs for running. I definitely have a love hate relationship with them. Each lap of the track I just kept envisioning the pounds falling away and that gave me the motivation to keep going. I think the workouts are going to be fun, we have a good group of all different levels and a beautiful track to run on. JS/ you remember those killer hill/speed work outs we used to do with the blazing August sun. I don't miss them!

I've also got myself back in the if I could just read the workouts and stop swimming extra distance. Yesterday I doubled one element off the workout and ended up doing 400 m of kick. I barely made it up the stairs from the pool after my workout. I'm registering this week for the masters swim program at the local YWCA. It will be two mornings a week and should quickly whip me back into swimming shape.

Floor hockey ends in two weeks. We are heading into the playoffs tied for first place. It's been an interesting season with fun plastic stick floor hockey turning into a very competitive and sometimes volatile game. I joke about rumbles after the games but sometimes I'm not sure how far off that is from the truth. Apparently the crazy confrontational girl's husband had to step in between her and a guy she picked a fight with last week (the week before she took a swing at a guy on our team). Can't wait to face them in the finals!

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