Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Three updates for you from the world of bacon.
  1. Kitsilano's thickest bacon ...just up the street from us
  2. Bacon ice cream yes, you read it right
  3. Bacon Comedy

Trent and I have planned out our meals for Sunday. It all starts with a Kits Coffee cinnamon bun when I pick him up at the airport. From there we are heading to Go Fish for fish & chips and dc. Dinner will be our traditional first dinner of a Tropical Pig pizza from the Flying Wedge, though we may change it up and go out for pizza at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

Yes..I know its sad that I have planned our meals already but its been a long time since Trent has had the chance to eat out and its been a long time since I have had french fries or dc.

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Rob said...

Thanks for the link-love. Be sure to change your our link in your blogroll to www.kitsilano.ca.

Thanks, Rob.