Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Am very excited by the bridesmaid dresses chosen for Tat's wedding. I love them...how often can you say that about a bridesmaid dress?

Did I mention its less than two months now until our wedding? Tonight we are off to register at the Bay...for the third time. I'm not leaving until we have at least one thing on the registry...its harder than I imagined. Things we are interested in include; an espresso maker, bamboo sheets, and some cookware. In all truth we don't need or want for much but everyone keeps telling us that we are going to get gifts whether we like it or not so we better select some things. Its a struggle though. There are some higher priced items like a good camera (SLR) we'd love but we don't want to put too many big items, just a few for group gifts.

I'm also trying to figure out charities as another alternative. That is hard too because there are just so many good causes that important to us. In the running right now are:
  1. Canadian Cancer Foundation (breast/brain/mouth/pancreatic)
  2. Autism Society
  3. David Suzuki Foundation
  4. The KidSafe Project Society
  5. Right to Play

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