Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So where was I?

Oh yes...I left off in Edmonton. 

Saturday morning we rose early and were at the airport just after 6:00 am.  We wanted to be there when the check in opened as we had a total of 7 bags to check between us.  I garnered a few laughs when I declared I had a lot of cheese at the security check in for the cooler. I think cheese might be able to solve all of the world's problems, it, like bacon, can unite people who on the surface look like they might not have anything in common.  Two hours later we are in the air.  A short stop over in Yellowknife and we are on route to Norman Wells. 

We arrive in Norman Wells (the Wells going  forward) around 11:30 am.  We don't see anyone from the school board there and it doesn't look like there are many other new teachers hanging around either.  Minutes later our friend Curtis walks in.  Surprised to see us he says I thought you were coming in tomorrow with all of the other teachers.  Hmmm.  Trent sees one of the board guys outside and goes to talk to him...yup, we weren't expected until Sunday.  Not sure why they booked our tickets for Saturday then but there we are.  We get a lift, with our 7 bags plus carry on to the hotel where we discover they too weren't expecting us until the next day.  Even better...they weren't expecting me at all. 

At this point, all of my excitement for the new adventure has been replaced with an overwhelming feeling of "what the heck have I got myself into?" Jim, the manager of the hotel, says to leave things in his hands and he'll sort them out while we go grab some lunch.  I'm feeling a little better and really, its not like I would be without a roof over my head.  It would just mean sharing a room with someone else or crashing on Curtis' couch if all else failed.  We head out for lunch and I order some comfort food, grilled cheese, fries and a DC.  They don't have DC, only diet pepsi (that's right,  I won't even  capitalize it).  Trent looks worried and Curtis is sure that I am planning to head back to the airport for the 3 pm flight to Edmonton.  I order an orange crush and try and put on a brave face. 

Over lunch Curtis updates us on all that's been happened while Trent was gone this past year.  He also gives me the lowdown on a few job opportunties I had heard about.  Sounds like I should have no problem finding something, at least part-time or contract, he just suggests that I really consider them all before commiting to anything.  Good advise...I'll keep that in mind.

We return to the hotel and Jim has worked his magic.  Trent and I now have a room to ourselves. I am so happy I tell Jim I could hug him.  He says he would prefer I didn't and I say that its ok,  I don't really like to hug strangers, I just wanted him to know how grateful I was.  We check in, have a nap and a DC which Trent has picked up for me from the store.  I  feel much better when we go to meet Curtis for dinner. AFter dinner we headed over to Curtis' place where he shows us his paper mache project.  He's making a paper mache image of his boss who is on vacation.  Plan is to fill it with condoms/lube etc (he works in social/health services) and turn it into a pinata for when his boss gets back.  I fill a few hours while the boys play video games meticulously gluing on strips of paper (we're using shredded paper). 

That's all for today...need to clean myself up for lunch then an afternoon of paper macheing.

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