Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm six runs into training.  I've manged 5 of them outside but yesterday I just couldn't do it.  The Environment Canada website said it was -36C with the windchill but I swear it was colder.  I've done -36C and yes its cold but yesterday I too much.  Within minutes...maybe even seconds, I had ice cream headaches in my eyeballs. Yes I said eyeballs.  Now I know I will normally start to warm up a few minutes in but I couldn't do it...not 9km with that wind.  Thankfully the Jacobs were kind enough to let me use their treadmill so slogged away on that for 74 minutes.  Not sure what the distance was as I had a few technical difficulties but I know I'm not going very fast these days (cold/multiple layers of clothing/out of shape) so I figured I would just run for about 70 minutes. I'm feeling a little muscle stiffness today but nothing too bad.  Unfortunately my pelvis issue is starting to rear its ugly little head so there will be lots of stretching to try and get things aligned again.  No chiro of physio up here so I am on my own.

The husband has just risen from the dead so that's all for now.

Stay warm.

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