Monday, April 03, 2006

Spent the day yesterday hanging out with #3 who is in town for 2 whole weeks visiting her sister and new niece. After a delicious brunch of pancakes and french toast at Zen Cafe, #3 and I worked off the calories by a little shopping on 4th Avenue. I'm still trying to justify the Lululemon pants but that didn't stop me from picking up some cute jersey 3/4 length pants from American Apparel.

Last night I joined NB, JB and their friend D at Vig's for dinner. Wow! Was it ever great. I understand now why people are willing to line up 2 1/2 hours on Saturday nights to get in. Highly recommend it to anyone visiting Vancouver. Unfortunately the menu online does not reflect what we had last night but the big winners at our table were the lamb popsicles and the chicken with coriander... The sauces were so great we all kept saying we wished we had spoons so we could finish every last drop. Vig's could easily turn me into a gourmand (add that to the list of good words we discussed last night).

And finally, its been a while since I have had any entertaining stories about the life of Jenn so here's a good one from the weekend. During my yoga course on Saturday I could have sworn that the instructor at one point said "Imagine that there are little ferrets pulling your muscles up". It look me a minute to realize that he had actually said fairies. The mix up was quite a hit with the class who laughed with me (not at me...I swear) when I spoke out through laughter saying "Ohhh I thought you said ferrets". To add to that, at the end of class I struggled to contain my giggles during corpse pose as I kept imagining killer ferrets pulling at my lats. I'll be surprised if ferrets don't come up at class tonight.

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