Monday, March 06, 2006

I know I'm still in the honeymoon phase but really, I can't imagine living anywhere else after just a month and a bit in Vancouver.

Friday night NB and I went for a good hour and a half walk to look for Cherry Blossoms. I've taken some pictures however the party camera just doesn't do them the justice they deserve. I'm particularly infatuated with the bright pink blossoms. The picture below is at the school house right around the corner from my place. The positioning of the trees against the red brick of the school is quite striking.

Saturday I went snowboarding in Whistler with Scooper and a few of his friends. The conditions were great and made even better when the sun broke through the clouds early afternoon. The picture below is of Scooper on a run which is great for both families and bears. That's what the sign says at least. I beg to differ, if its a good run for bears, it may not be so great for families. Speaking of bears, watched Grizzly Man on Friday night...twisted. Will write a comment on it when I have some more time to process the movie. We finished off boarding with beers out on the patio at Creekside and a little buzzed shopping by Scooper and I in the Ski-Can store. Good deals!

Spent most of Sunday trying to walk normally as the old calves were a wee bit sore from boarding. Got a quick trip into Granville Market for some fresh soups and my fruits & veggies. Finished the day off with a good run which really helped the calves loosen up.

It was a bonus that the Oscars were over at 8PM PT. I still had time for a bath and a little CSI before bedtime.

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Rob D said...

Hi Jenn, there are cherry blossoms at this time of year in Vancouver?! Must be a mild winter. Vancouver sounds like a nice place to live.

As part of my Master's we are looking at cities that embraced public transportation more than others in their development plan. Vancouver was one of the case studies (Toronto was the other Canadian city). I know your a big fan of public transport and so am I, hence the Masters degree :) Thought you'd like to know we're a show case for North America down here.