Monday, March 27, 2006

I've been rather busy the last few days, so time for a short update.

I am happy to report that the big Kick-Off event I planned for Friday went quite well. We started the run under a dark sky that threatened rain. After a short run through light drizzle the sky cleared and we ran into the Vancouver Main Office in bright sunshine. Learned that while wheelchair athletes might slow down a bit going up big hills, they lick your ass going down.

I conquered Prospect Point during Sunday's long run in Stanley Park. I'm certainly not looking forward to that part of the half marathon. I'm considering stopping for a latte at the top during the run, I figure I might need the caffeine kick after the hill.

The first two sessions of my yoga course were this weekend. The class is primarily qualified yoga instructors and health/fitness professionals. I'm one of only a few who don't fit into the above description. The first thing I learned was that yoga isn't quite a simple as I first thought. Who knew there was so much to the simple downward and upward dogs. Hip alignment, ACIS and FUPP points which all need to be aligned. I also learned that I am stiff. Eoin talked a lot about the two different types of people. Those who are very flexible, I believe he called them the squishy people and then the stronger, tighter people who I think he referred to as stiff. Yup..that would be me...stiff. I had to demo a move and it was quite entertaining as he tried to get me into a position. Apparently I might not be textbook material.

Ohh and my couch came on Saturday. I love it. I love lying on it and sleeping on it and just looking at it. Now I just need to figure out the best way to arrange my little living room.

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Lt. Dan said...

I assume you meant to type "kick your ass" up there...