Thursday, March 16, 2006

What I would do for a diet coke right now! I'm tired, my legs ache and I just want to lie down drink dc and eat chips. All of which I could do right now as the fridge here is full of dc and there are still tons of chips left over from yesterday's shower. And...I'm sure if I lay under my desk no one would notice.

NB and I ran about 15K last night. I've got a good thing going here on Wed nights. NB and I run, usually further and faster than I want (but that's a good thing really) then while I shower, NB or JB, if we are really lucky, starts dinner. It's like I have my own personal trainer and chef. (Just so you don't think I am a total princess here, I did finely dice two shallots yesterday for JB's bean dish. )

Tonight I am going to a book club, the book being Zadie Smith's On Beauty. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to hearing what the other clubbers have to say. There's also going to be wine and cheese. Not soo interested in the wine...just the cheese. If I ever host..I'm going to serve bacon.

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