Friday, February 03, 2006

I didn't realize how much was involved in whole relocating thing. Last night while out for drinks with NB & JB at Tatlows the topic of registering for MSP came up. What's MSP you ask? Basically OHIP for BC. I think I have to pay a monthly premium of $54, but then it might come off my pay...I don't really know. Apparently I have 90 days to get my BC drivers license and registering my car but I have to get BC car insurance within 30 days. How are you supposed to figure it all out? Everything has a different date for when you can apply or have to apply by...its all rather mind boggling.

Having lunch with MH today, I think the plan is to find some good Indian. Ohh I guess I should stop referring to MH as MH, its really ML now.

No major plans for the weekend
Tonight - hoping for a little nap after work and then might go to yoga at 7PM if I can muster up the energy
Sat - 14KM run with RR...NB may come but the 8AM start time may be a problem for her :) Then, all good runs (heck, even bad runs) need to be followed by brunch. Perhpas a little more napping then some shopping for housewares in the hood. Also want to check out a couch or two.
Sun - Going to try and make the 10 AM yoga class then its off to a SuperBowl party

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