Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm beginning to get settled in at the new apartment. Took a few shots on the weekend just to show you all what I am working with here. Still waiting for my furniture to arrive. I can't imagine it is going to be much longer seeing as its closing in on 2 weeks to get get here when I managed to drive across the country in 7 days, which included 2 days of snowboarding.

I had fun exploring the neighbourhood on Saturday. I got myself all bundled up to face the elements (read strong wind & rain) and off I went. Found a great kitchenwares + store just up the street. I probably spent well over an hour in their rooting around for this and that. I had great fun. Sat night I nestled down on a blanket with pillows to watch one of the movies Arshia was kind enough to send me off with. Its surprising how comfortable a few pillows and blanket can be when positioned correctly in an empty apartment.

Sunday I went back to Eoin Finn's power yoga class. I really liked it, so much in fact that I am going back tonight. On Sunday morning a neighbourhood cat wandered into the hall and spend the entire class wandering around visiting people. At one point he even plopped himself down on Eoin's lap and allowed himself to be put into various yoga positions, it really was quite funny.

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