Friday, February 10, 2006

Movers...I just don't get them.

I was given a 2 hour window, from 1-3 PM, for when Capital Movers would deliver my furniture yesterday. I left work at noon to make sure I was home just in case they were early. Ahh, how naive of me. At 3:50 PM when they still had not arrived I call the company for the second time. After all, I am #1 (Anal according to #4). I was assured they are on their way and moments later they did turn up, just after 4PM. Ok..I live on a fairly busy street with parking on one side and many pedestrians on the side walks. Sure enough they park the truck right in from and cause traffic chaos for the next hour. My building also only has one elevator which they insisted on hijacking. None of this would have been a problem if they had come between 1-3, not the start of evening rush hour.

As I'm watching my stuff come off the truck I begin to notice a trend. Any box that was marked FRAGILE appears to have rolled off the truck and quite possibly been run over at some point. The boxes that weren't marked fragile were in perfect shape. I haven't managed to go through them all yet but so far I've got two broken Corningware dishes, plus major scratches on my muskoka chair and some small scratches and dents on my bed. None of those are too major, the most annoying thing I discovered, only after the movers had left, was that the screws for my kitchen table were missing. I had taped them to a chair leg to ensure they didn't get lost. So much for that. Ohh and the cover for my ironing board, it looks like someone was practicing their knife work with it, there are slashes marks all over it. I'm making the move experience sound terrible, it definitely could have been much worse. I just don't understand how they make you sign away all rights to your stuff then it looks like they just throw your stuff around.

On a bright note. As I hung out for those three hours waiting for the movers to arrive, I had time to do some exploring of the building. I figured out where I could store my bike, found ping pong racquets for the pingpong table in the rec room and to my great excitement I discovered that the rooftop patio is just steps from my door. What a view, its going to be great to hang out there on those nice days I don't feel like hiking my lazy ass down to the beach.

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Lt. Dan said...

I'm so frickin' jealous of your view. All we have to look at is the Thunderpit (tm).