Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Starting to go a little stir crazy here in the "Stupid Room". Must be the lack of fresh air and contact with the real world. As I was writing that I realized I had my camera with me so I took some shots to show you what I am dealing with here.

Updated...here are the shots. Please notice the spare furniture and stacks of boxes.

You will notice that I have updated a few of the links. I've added Victims of Circumstance a new blog courtesy of LA (Ottawa LA but LA of Port Credit...confusing for some of you who know both). I've also added a link for the BMO Bank of Montreal Vancouver Marathon. It's what's keeping me busy both personally and professionally these days. This morning we ran the Causeway in Stanley Park...it's really long and up hill going out but fast and fun coming back. Well, not really fun, but downhill and that's all good in my books.

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