Friday, May 19, 2006

Dear god...I think I may have a wee bit of a hang over. Met the Easterner crew (NB/JB/Sully, Neil, LE plus S&S) for some drinks and eats at Nevermind. Only had what I thought were two very weak martinis. While the Porn Star and Hot For Teacher were tasty I think they must have been laden with sugar, never good for the morning after. Also could be the late night, this little girl isn't used to going out drinking on school nights..well who am I kidding, I've never been a late night person and I don't drink often enough to have any tolerance for more than a drink or two.

No major plans for the long weekend.

Starting off with a little yoga tonight and then a run tomorrow with my Saturday running group. I think we are doing a nice 15 K all around Stanley Park and along the Seawall. GV is also talking about kicking off the Grouse Grind season this weekend too. Looking forward to that.

Saturday night I'm heading over to Bowen Island for a 50th birthday celebration for a friend from work's husband. Should be good times.

Was originally hoping to paint my bathroom and bistro set this weekend but with the house guests I think its a little too tight for that. No worries, I am sure a rainy day will come along at some point when I can tackle those chores.

I'm not sure if I have introduced my house guests yet. I have the lovely Sandy & Stefan (S&S) staying with me until they find a place of their own here in Van. Sandy is a friend of a friend, though we actually went to the same high school briefly when I transferred to Laurier for my last semester. Sandy has been living abroad for close to 9 years now and Stefan is her Kiwi boyfriend. They've decided to give Canada a try for a year. Stefan is a bit of a kiteboarder (read PRO) so I am hoping to get me some lessons this summer. Anyways they are great guests and although it is tight it seems to be working out ok.

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