Monday, May 01, 2006

Nothing sucks more than making yourself a kick ass lunch and then leaving it on the kitchen counter. sigh!

6 days left now until the half. I'm feeling well prepared. We ran 10K in the Demonstration forest Saturday morning. To say it was hill would be an understatement but it was a great run none the less. I did it in just under 55 minutes which included a short walk at 5K when we turned. One of my running partners EF reminds me a lot of another girl FD who I used to run with on the women's team. Neither of us being particularly strong runners we worked really hard one summer to improve. Who ever was a little faster each day would do their best not to let the other pass. While EF is definitely faster than me, I am starting to catch up. On Saturday we stayed pretty close until the last big downhill when she pulled a head and I just couldn't keep up. I can't seem to get my legs to move as fast as the others on the downhills (thank god I can power up the hills). With about 1K to go I decided to try and reel her back in so I put my head down and started pushing it. I got to about 25 metres behind her when she started to hear my footsteps. She glanced over her shoulder, saw it was me and immediately drove up her rate and started to widen the gap again. We had a good laugh at the end when I called her on it but in all truth it was very motivating to know that I'm starting to appear as a threat!

The apartment is starting to come together. My herbs are starting to grow and I've started work on sanding down my bistro set in prep for a new coat of paint. I think my little balcony is going to be a lovely little oasis once its all done. These photos were taken between about 7-8 PM. I get full sun on the balcony for most of the day as I am south facing.

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Rob D said...

Good luck with the race Jenn! I hope you achieve a personal best time. I'm sure you're going to kick some ass! The apartment is looking good as well.

All is good down here. Wrapping up the first semester. Have a few short trips planed to the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand. I really need to get out of this city. I can't wait!