Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Plans for a relatively quiet and restful weekend didn't quite pan out.

Had a great run Saturday morning. 13.5 K into it I still felt like I had just started. A set of stairs and a sprint to catch up to the group took care of that. Headed out to Bowen Island mid-afternoon. Once on the island we were treated to seeing quite a few deer and their fawns ..it was awesome. The eye was quite the conversation piece...if you ever want to meet people at a party just turn up with a black eye. While I met many lovely people I was also a little frightened by the advances of a very tanned, bleach blonde 50 year old man who wanted to know which one of the guys at the party was my husband. Times like those when a boyfriend would really be handy. On the other hand I'm not sure that it was worse than GV fending off the advances of a 40+ desperately single woman who didn't seem to care that his very pregnant wife was there with him. Please shoot me if I ever start to resemble either of those two people. Caught the last ferry back to the mainland then headed out to a party held by one of the guys from ball hockey who as it turns out lives right around the corner from me. Again the black eye was quite the party hit.

Sunday was chores and laundry day. My little balcony is starting to come together slowly. I bought some more herbs (basil/chives) and some lavender which I've planted in pots. I also bought a big fern which adds some nice colour and fills the space out well. Just need to get some flowers to add some brightness and paint the bistro set then I am set.

Monday morning it was off to do the Grouse Grind. Met up with RR & GV at the base along with S&S at 9:30. I'm not sure how people think this thing is fun because it is anything but. Stairs..never liked them and like them even less now. It took me 1:09 +/- a few seconds to complete it, almost 10 minutes more than RR & GV. The first quarter really knocked me out. I should have known that letting RR set the pace for me was a mistake. Once I let the rest go ahead things started to get a little better. I slowed down and took some breaks along the way. The top half I found was much easier than the bottom half where I struggled to get a good breath of air each step. Ughhh...and now I have agreed to go back and do it again as my time is anything but respectable.

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