Friday, May 12, 2006

We arrived in Tofino just before midnight to find our cottage was much more than a cottage. The main floor is wide open with the kitchen, living room and breakfast nook looking out onto the ocean, which is less than 100 meters from our back door. Upstairs the master bedroom also looks out onto the ocean and one kick ass bathroom to boot!

This morning we woke to beautiful sunshine and the sight of people walking the beach in the low tide. The plan is to head into town and pick up boards for the others and wetsuits for all. Tomorrow night we are going to head to the Raincoast Cafe and catch Jeremy Walsh's show. He's described as groove driven folk laced with echos of pop, rock, country and traditional music. Sounds like a good time...I do hope there is dancing!

*NB has just realized that we can just walk right out to the beach and not have to pack all of our gear and load up the car. She is quite excited.



Doug Sigel said...

I suggest you eat at Sobo or Pastriaca Conrati, the German bakery/restaurant. Have you gone to the hot springs?

Sunfish said...

Hi Doug, Thanks for the suggestions. Love Sobo, we actually plan to head there today for lunch before heading home. Will have to check out the bakery on our next visit. We did all the touristy things on our fist visit to Tofono so now its all about the surfing and R&R.