Thursday, June 01, 2006

I finally decided to check my lottery tickets this afternoon. I've had these two tickets in my desk since March and early May. Sure enough both of them were winners. Now before you get too excited I'm talking a free ticket and $1, but winners none the less. I redeemed my winnings for a ticket in Friday's Super Seven and then splurged for another ticket for Saturday's 649 which is supposed to be a big one.

I'd suggest that if you aren't in my good books right now you'd better start sucking up! God...can you imagine if I actually did win?

What would I do with this money? Here are just a few of my ideas.
  1. Make my surf hostel in Tofino a reality
  2. Open a second one in Costa Rica
  3. Plan a great trip scuba diving all the great spots in the world
  4. Climb something
  5. Start some sort of charitable organization or support one that helps get kids active

What would you do?

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