Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I had my first kite lesson with Steffan last night. If you go to the Peter Lynn site and look under Team you will find Steffo's bio.

I think the first lesson went well, despite the lack of wind. We started off with a small beginners kite (with Steffo above) but there wasn't enough wind to keep it up so we moved on the 10 M kite which we managed to get inflated and up flying after a lot of running back and forth across the field trying to fill it with air. I was starting to get the hang of the figure 8 movements but there just wasn't enough wind to really do much more. I can't imagine having to handle a kite, worry about other kiteboarders all the while trying to ride the waves.

Had a lovely 2 hour lunch yesterday with JB. We met up and wandered over to the local english pub to catch the England/Sweden game. It was great fun and there is nothing like coming back to the office feeling just a little tipsy! Bring on round 2! Football...not beers I mean :)

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