Monday, June 05, 2006

If there was any night on the weekend where a mechanical bull should have been involved it was Friday night!

We didn't quite make it into the Xavier Rudd concert Friday night. We were a little late and the security guards were instructed not to let anyone else in (as you can tell from the picture we actually had a lof fun with them). We made the best of it and watched through the gates (second photo) before finding a gap in the fence and sneaking in for about the last minute of the last song. From there we headed down to Granville Street and ended up a crazy wild little bar, the clue! We managed to befriend just about everyone there which may have had something to do with the copious amounts of beer and jagermeister we were downing! You know you are having a good time when the guy singing knows your name and repeatedly gives shout outs to you! In the course of the night I managed to snag the singer's wristband, the bongo drummer's hat and the waiter's cowboy hat. All were returned at the end of the night I'm proud to say. From there we hit another bar very briefly before going for late night Chinese from this crazy window in a wall down off of Granville somewhere.

Strangely I didn't feel too bad come Saturday morning and managed to get myself to the yogathon with plenty of time to browse around before the actual yoga started. The highlight of the yoga was this one crazy instructor had everyone pushing out all of the bad energy from their bodies then pulling in all the good vibes in a very Phoebesque running fashion. People were a little reluctant to join in at first but I have to tell felt really great once you let yourself go. I'm actually going to track her down and check out one of her classes.

Saw MI:III on Saturday night. Tom Cruise just kind of creeps me out now. Nuff Said!

After all of this my Sunday run of 18K wasn't the best. It was quite the mental battle to say the least and now I'm hobbling about as my right knee is none too happy.

Sunday afternoon we watched X2 in preparation for going to seen XMen 3...Can't wait!

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