Monday, June 19, 2006

Nothing too exciting to report from the weekend.

I went for a good swim Friday night after work. I'm up to 10 laps in the pool now which is 1375 m's. This week I will add another 2 to get me over the 1.5 K mark. I think I can already see my arms starting to find the tone that has been MIA for the past few months.

I rented Water Friday night on my way home from swimming. Despite being totally enraptured by the beauty of the movie I crashed around 10:30 PM on the couch and couldn't make it through the last quarter. That was saved for early Sunday morning, nothing like starting one's day off sobbing all alone in your apartment. Will definitely have to purchase Water for my personal collection. Could Lisa Ray be any more stunning and Chuyia...what an amazing little actress. She almost made me like children, tantrums and all.

Saturday we did our last real run before the half marathon this coming weekend. It was sad, both NB & I struggled and it was only 11L. I can't wait for this race to be over. My knees hurt and I'm tired. This week I am totally taking it easy. I am looking forward to the post race brunch at Aphrodite's Cafe. I'm actually not even sure if I am going to have brunch or go straight for dessert...they make some good pie! NB and I also went to the Punjabi Market Saturday afternoon. I was looking for material to make a lamp shade for a cool lamp I found a while back at an antique market. After visiting around 10 different garment and cloth shops I finally found what I wanted. Its a beautiful bluey/tourquoise colour with some pretty embroidery. I really wanted to buy a few sari's but refused to humour me and my desire to bring back the everyday sari (apparently there has never been an everyday sari for the white girl). Guess I gotta keep looking for that Indian man of my dreams to outfit me in beautiful and more importantly comfortable sari's so I can eat butter chicken and eggplant the rest of my days.

Saturday night I went to see An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's documentary about Global Warming. It brought me back to the days when I was probably 8-10 and lived in constant fear that Nuclear War was inevitable. I left the theatre feeling guilty over my SUV but more scared that perhaps we've past the point of no return when it comes to global warming. The movie did a good job at summarizing the wealth of scientific data available on the issue and presenting it in a format the average person can digest, though I did think more could have been done to illustrate some of the things we can do as individuals/communities to make a difference. One of the last points Gore talks to adds up the total effect that all of the seperate initiatives, like Koyoto, can have on reducing global warming and it shows you that everything makes a difference. To think that this man could have, or should have, been the president of the United States. Makes one wonder how things would have played out differently over the past 5-6 years had he become president.

Sunday I had my first beach day. After I had finished all of my errands/chores I headed down to Kits Beach with my blanket and book in hand. What a wonderful afternoon I had, just lazing around, catching some sun and munching on a Vera's burger. Good times.

Starting to get excited for my trip home. Watched a bit of MMVA's last night. Not like I have ever gone or really followed them but it made me a little home sick as I saw all the lights and action on Queen West. 7 more sleeps!

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