Monday, June 12, 2006

Ok Ladies, as per your request I have amended the comments function to allow you to leave what I expect will be your wise ass comments that I so miss. here's the weekend update.

Had a big date Friday night. Everyone else bailed on the game so it was just JB and I at the Whitecaps game ( it wasn't really a date as he's married and his wife wanted to come to game but couldn't). Anyways, it was a lots of fun; we ate hotdogs, drank beer and wandered around Swanguard Stadium to find the best spot to watch the game (on the grass behind the fence right at the north east corner of the field). All of the excitement in the game was in the last few minutes of play. Miami scored the go ahead goal right at the 90 minute mark and then Vancouver came back to tie it up in the last few seconds of extra time.

Saturday NB and I ran our final long run...21K before the big race. I didn't feel too bad but NB really struggled. Its weird how we each have good days and bad days, luckily they usually fall on different days so we can get each other through the runs. Rounded out Saturday's activities with a bike ride over to Granville Island Market and a swim at Kits pool later that evening. Had what appeared to be a lonely guy at the pool try and pick me up. Started to get a little uncomfortable when the polite conversation started to get to lots of personal questions about me. Finally pulled the I need to go meet friends just as he asked if I wanted to go grab a bite to eat. After hiding in the change room for a bit (he got out of the pool at the same time as me) I called T-bone and proceeded to have a conversation with her voicemail as I made my escape.

Sunday I picked up a friend, RN, to go kayaking over at Bowen Island. The weather report called for sun and cloud in the afternoon but as we took the ferry over it didn't look like we were going to get any sun. Just as we launched our kayaks the sun came out and we were treated to some great weather the entire afternoon. My day was made when on our way back in, a harbour seal popped his head up about 20 feet in front of us. Plans are now in the works for a camping/kayking trip on one of the Islands up the coast.

And the winning update. Didn't win the Super 7, but it is confirmed I won the baby pool (JM & GV had a healthy little boy..well not so little 8lbs 3oz) and on Saturday I won one of my games for the FIFA pool with the Trinidad/Tobago and Sweden tie.

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