Thursday, June 22, 2006

Went and paddled OC-1 at FCRCC with a couple of the BMO dragonboaters last night. Had one of those experiences where you are out with a first year paddler and they discover that you are actually pretty good. I was hoping to avoid this whole type of situation and quietly slip into the back of the boat but alas the secret is out...I can dragonboat rather well. Ohh well. The highlight of the evening was seeing a harbour seal, god they are cute.

For the paddling ladies, I've started my recognisance mission as BMO paddles out of FCRCC. I overheard two ladies talking about a women's crew and how they think they would do. I walked back and forth several times but couldn't quite figure out if they were talking about dragonboat or outrigger. I did see a sign recruiting paddlers for the national team race off. Almost considered giving them a call and checking it out. How funny, but wrong would that be! I've got some good intel now its just a matter of following up.

Weather for the next few days is supposed to be beautiful, sunny and between 25-30C. As Birdy would...I'm Lovin it!

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