Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm all checked in and ready to catch the red-eye to TO tonight. Web check-in has to be one of the greatest developments in modern travel. I love the fact that all I will have to do is turn up at the airport at around 10PM, pass through security and then its right onto the plane. I've got a new book, my travel pillow, ear plugs and gravol all ready for the flight.

But before I head to the airport, its off to a farewell dinner for a friend moving to Kelowna. We have reservations at Watermark which is right on Kits Beach and has the best view of the sunset in the city.

Well fed, tired from a late evening of fireworks followed by packing...this bodes well for a good flight...I should be out before we even take off.


Lynne said...

And of course you have to fit in about 20 tequila shots a few hours before the flight. I seem to remember you saying, "...that's just how I roll" the last time you were heading to the airport.

Sunfish said...

I'll have you know that I am still off the booze after that particular evening.