Sunday, August 27, 2006

Updated with photos

The trip to Edmonton was short but sweet. I was first off the plane and luckily didn't have to take anyone down as I sprinted through the arrivals area. From the airport, after a quick bite to eat and getting some advice from Bill an airport volunteer Trent had befriended, we were off to the West Edmonton Mall (WEM) on a shuttle bus. The WEM really is quite impressive, its big and there's a lot going on there (water park, amusement park, aquarium, mini golf). We decided to take in the amusement park and rode the MindBuster in the front row (frontwards) and the last row (backwards) twice. It was quite the experience, leaving us both a little nauseous and shaken, but nothing a little Mc D's french fries & orange drink couldn't fix . We also took in the Edmonton Fringe Festival in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood. We didn't have time to take in any shows but wandered the festival grounds and caught, or more precisely were caught by several buskers. From there we met up with Trent's uncle for a quick drink before heading back to the airport to pick up bags we had checked upon my arrival. And so, that was Edmonton. I'm not sure what else there is to do there but our short time was well spent. Trent is now safely in Norman Wells for a few days of orientation before heading off to Deline to begin his teaching assignment, and I am off to the pool to swim a few laps on a beautiful warm sunny Sunday afternoon here in Vancouver.

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