Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Will today ever end? The day is just crawling as I try and wrap things up here before heading off to MI for 10 days. I'm desperately waiting to hear back from people on a number of events that are occuring while I am gone and trying to do some some planning for a conference in Whistler at the end of September. Unfortunately I can't move ahead on any of these things as all of the executives are away on conference...timing couldn't be much worse. Oh well.

I think I may even have exhausted the internet. What else can I research? I now know every possible flight combination to get me to Deline NT and let me tell you, its complicated. I've also spent some good time looking for new music and catching up on the news. It's incredible how many sites have picked up the Tofino water shortage story. I guess things worked out for the best, if I hadn't been going to MI this weekend I probably would have headed over there to catch some surf. And what's with this Jessica Simpson - John Mayer gossip? Did he not watch Nick and Jessica - Newly Weds or whatever it was called?

Please someone, anyone email me, call something!

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Dan said...

It's the tits. He's blinded by the tits.