Thursday, September 28, 2006

I have just returned from Chambar, an incredible Belgian restaurant here in Van. RR has spoken highly of it many times so it wasn't hard to twist my arm into going tonight for an impromtu welcome dinner to DE, the newest West Coast recruit at BMO.

I started with La Salade de Chevre which could quite possibly be the best salad I have ever had. With crisp onion bits and a blueberry compote it was an incredible mixture of texture and taste. I followed the salad with the Congolaise Moule Frite. The broth for the mussels (cilantro, coconut cream, lime and chilies) was unbelieveable and the accompanying fries and special mayo dipping sauce...well you all know how I feel about fries. Delicious! There was no way I could manage dessert after all of that so I was treated to the scent of DE's piping hot (that's so something my Dad would say) belgian waffle which was enough to satisfy me.

I am very full.

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