Monday, October 30, 2006

Brrr...its cold here. Temperature on the Molson sign said 2C this morning and I just heard that there was snow in Chilliwack on the weekend. If I wanted these types of conditions I would have stayed in TO.

Dinner with Gary and Cheryl was great fun last night. Our waiter kept coming up and then turning and walking away when he realized he wasn't going to be able to get a word in. I entertained them with stories of my adventure to the North while they filled me in on their trip to Hawaii with the boys for the Molokai. We definitely were having the most fun of anyone at the restaurant. The food, like last time, did not disappoint. We all started with the soup which was unbelieveable. for my main course I had the Congolaise moule frites and man was it good. Despite being stuffed we still went for dessert sharing the belgium waffle and some banana fritters...both were delicious.


Lynne said...

I just made the mistake of reading the Chambar mouth is watering! Okay, if I come visit you - we have to go there!

Sunfish said...

Please come visit me then...during ski season I might suggest.

Lynne said...

you may not want to see me after 'shopping you and Trent at the zoo...too bad the pics of Trent are about 6 years old.