Monday, October 23, 2006

I've started updating On My Bedside Table. I should have a few more reviews up tonight and I hope to fix the section on the side by the same name. It will actually list what is on my bedside table (books..not all the other stuff) and I also want to add the Book Basket as its loaded up with books just waiting to be read.


It was a fairly quiet weekend. Friday night I hung out with JM and baby Ben. We attempted to watch a movie on PPV but couldn't seem to get it to work. So after some hot chocolate with marshmallows (yum) we called it a night.

Saturday morning Ben had his first official run in his new baby jogger. It went well, but unfortunately the stroller did not slow JM down as much as we would have hoped.

Sunday I poked around Granville Island looking for Christmas gift ideas in the artisian shops and then wandered around the food market picking up bits and pieces at different vendors. I got myself some beautiful double smoked bacon which I can wait to fry up. I also picked up all of the ingredients I needed to make my chicken dumplings. After a quick nap (I set the timer for 1 hour) I got to work on the dumplings and two hours later I had some 60 of them and a nice batch of wonton soup (the wontons being the chicken dumplings). I froze all of the soups minus the one I brought for lunch today and made myself about 5 packages of the dumplings ready to fry up or add to soup. I am set for quite some time...the freezer can't hold much more in the way of left overs frozen for lunches.

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